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  1. My wife and I ordered a 2014 Itasca Spirit 31kp in September from the dealer 1 mile from the Winnebago factory. We picked it up from the dealer on Dec. 3rd and drove it back to Florida. We sent out the basic to the dealer to hold for us until we flew out to pick it up. Sent towels, linens, pots and pans, few silverware, some clothing for the changing weather coming back. After picking up the coach, we drove to the nearest Walmart and bought some china, small space heater, food and beverages. Had all the basics, didn't spend time sitting under the awning in lounge chairs, so we didn't need those items. We made a list as we traveled back what we might need if we were staying in one place longer. Had a great time (10 to 12 days), traveling back to Florida, learning what we might need on future trips. Have fun in your new coach, enjoy.