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  1. jleamont, your gear housing fill point appears to be a "dream" for very easy access to fill the clean engine oil. Saturday morning will become my day of Cummins engine exploration, hopefully ending with a discovery of a much better engine oil fill point on my Cayman's Cummins diesel.
  2. Lenp, Thanks for pointing that out. Saturday morning I will go exploring, searching for additional engine oil fill points. Eddie
  3. Desertdeals69, As far as I am aware, my fill tube is fixed [doesn’t pull up or out]. But I will look closer at this on Saturday morning. Thanks, 👍 Eddie
  4. Thanks Jim, I’ll definitely check that floor access panel on Saturday morning. I just assumed that floor panel was for access to the Allison Transmission. I guess it’s true, what some say you become, whenever it is you ASSume. I appreciate very much the advice. 👍 Eddie
  5. I’m looking for advice on performing DIY oil change on 2003 Monaco Cayman - Cummins Diesel 275 HP. My concern is the oil filler w/cap is so high, straight up against the upper top side of engine enclosure. Is there a special DIY hose kit, or some such thingy, which will enable a novice like myself to refill the Diesel engine oil without making a mess, spilling oil everywhere but where it belongs [in the oil fill pipe]? It is the uppermost filler pipe w/cap[see pics]. Why are such things placed in the most inaccessible locations [rhetorical]? Thanks in advance for any tips as I have never done this before. Eddie
  6. Thank you Jim for your kind words of approval. This stairwell upgrade project, was truly an enjoyable and very rewarding experience. Eddie
  7. We have completion [with the exception of wiring my newly installed double ON/OFF toggle switch plate]. Oh, I decided on not painting the black MONACO metal switch plate “OFF WHITE”. I believe I can live with this switch plate remaining black, as this plate happens to be Monaco OEM part. The plate actually states; MONACO at the bottom. I will look into obtaining black label tape with gold font to properly label each switch [inside / outside]. I tested my stairwell light by means of 12 volt power supply, all is good [see pics]. Carpet was trimmed by utilizing an aluminum carpet trim, which was mitred at 45 degrees at joint. Speaking of carpet, I purchased a heavy brown entry mat which I trimmed to fit the stairwell cover, this heavy carpet mat should eliminate the sun being reflected off the highly polished aluminum diamond plate. On both of the 1” thick solid oak stair treads, I routed a 1 1/2” wide, 1/8” deep recess to receive 1 1/2” wide aluminum diamond plate. I opted to do this for the purpose of hiding mounting screws to the subsurface, thus eliminating adhesive should stair tread removal ever be required. I do not ever want to go through what I went through the first time. Thanks to all who have followed along during this stairwell upgrade process. I must say, I am very satisfied with the overall results. Eddie
  8. jleamont, A most excellent suggestion. I just got off the phone with Niabi of NorthWest RV Supply. Just as you suspected, NorthWest RV Supply had exactly what I needed. Although that "KITCHEN & DINETTE" double metal plate switch is out of stock, Niabi searched her inventory and found the exact same double switch metal plate [only with “VANITY & BATH”]. Which is of no consequence, as I’m going to paint this black Monaco [metal] plate double switch, Off White. I ordered [2] of these double switch metal plates as they are hard to find, along with [4] ON-OFF switches in OFF WHITE color. I truly appreciate the link and then the nudge to make an old fashioned phone call. As the Staples EASY BUTTON says: "That was easy!" More later… Eddie
  9. jleamont, Thanks for the link... Northwest RV Supply, at one time had what would have been an acceptable flat metal double switch plate [3"x3"] if only it was in stock [image uploaded]. Darn it! The search continues... Eddie
  10. BTW, Does anyone have any idea where I might obtain a similar double light swith plate as those I've uploaded below? I would replace the battery cutoff and red step switch with regular ON / OFF switches. I have decided to add dedicated light switches [one for my new stairwell light, and the other to turn on & off my yellow lamp which illuminates my outside retractable stairs]. Currently, my outside yellow lamp stays illuminated 24/7 when stairs are extended, and only goes out when retracted. I would install the second double switch directly above the existing. Picture with red arrow is where I would like to install the second double switch plate. [see pics]. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions. I’ve uploaded pictures. More later… Eddie
  11. Unfortunately free time was scarce this past week, so I didn’t accomplish nearly what I had planned, other than hand fabricate a thin birch trim piece [see pics]. Hopefully next week will be much more productive. More later... Eddie
  12. Thanks to all, for your most kind words on results thus far on my stairwell upgrade project. Lots more detail work yet to complete [including selecting type of material of stair treads, one very small wall yet to be paneled in 1/8” thick birch, trim off poorly cut carpeting [which still kills me - ugh!], complete stairwell light wiring to wall switch]. I must admit, [with the exception of my sad attempt to properly trim my old carpeting] I am personally very pleased thus far with the overall results. I very much appreciate all who have provided suggestions, positive feedback and the encouragement to press on. More later... Eddie
  13. I have kept myself busy, slowly progressing inch by inch. First off, I decided to rip out the carpeting on the floor between the stairwell and the passenger side front dash wall [under dashboard]. I thought ridding the floor of the carpeting between stairwell and front dash wall would provide a more appealing overall appearance. At the same time I opted to remove the carpeting going up the front wall [again directly under dashboard], as well as removing the side wall carpeting between dash wall and entry door casing trim. I made the floor trim piece [stairwell entry] complete with bull nose from ½” thick solid birch hardwood [natural color, unstained] with two coats of varnish. I had the corner joints mitered with 45º degree cuts, adding wooden biscuits to strengthen the joints. I maintained the 6 ½” dimension between stairwell wall and front dash wall, on all three side of stairwell entry floor trim piece. The first thing you’ll notice is this floor trim is wider than what is normally installed. But I must say, considering the fact I eliminated the carpet between the stairwell and front wall under dash, I do like the overall feel [appearance]. BTW, I did consider making a smaller width floor trim piece, and then installing flooring material between the floor trim piece and front wall, however in the end I opted to simply make the larger stairwell floor trim. The front dash wall paneling is 1/8” birch [natural color, unstained] also with two coats of varnish. I still need to fabricate the side wall paneling piece between dash and entry door casing trim. I needed to hold off until after installing front wall panel prior to attempting to cut the side wall panel piece. The carpeting is quite old and in great need of replacement. But for the time being it has to stay, as I cannot afford the replacement cost. As I cut the carpet [being so old] it didn’t cooperate as I would have liked [frustrating], resulting in an undesirable small gap between cut carpet and stairwell floor trim. I’ll have to figure out a suitable carpet fill trim [wood, metal, fabric?]. Oh, I almost forgot. I also installed [one] stairwell light. It is all wired in, I only need to install the wiring to the switch. I’ve uploaded pictures. Lots more detail work yet to do! Sorry, I believe I uploaded pictures in reverse order. More recent pics at top. More later… Eddie
  14. That’s a most excellent suggestion manholt. Thanks very much for your thought provoking input. Your thought about a rug had crossed my mind. Now, after your feedback I’m convinced. Upon completion of my stairwell upgrade project [lots more still to do], I shall most definitely search out a nice higher end / higher quality rug [after all, I just tore out ugly-drab-unappealing carpeting, yuck] with a rubberized bottom to keep it from wandering upon the new [blinding - bright aluminum diamond plate] slide-out stairwell cover. Hopefully I can find something heavy enough [industrial grade?], that will stay put as slide-out stairwell cover traverses between the open and closed positions. To find the appropriate sizing, high quality and weight it may well need to be a custom order... Eddie
  15. kaypsmith, that is quite an attractive compass artwork plaque on that screen door. Definitely some good food for thought. As always, thanks so much for sharing... 👍