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  1. Vote To Allow Towables Into FMCA

    Wow is all I can say. The yes votes are all about money and diluting the site. The no votes are about integrity and pride in owning a home on wheels that can cost 500,000 dollars and the hard work that goes into them and a way of life. I have owned a motor home for 4 years now. I did own a TT. NO, ITS NOT THE SAME CLUB AS A travel trailer. If it comes down to giving up the assist benefit because that's what pays for this site, then someone is skimming the dues. This site and the board members are becoming just like the political hacks in DC. Reminds me of the endless Political correctness to have open boarders and let everyone into the USA. And yes, whoever said FMCA will be just another sams, escapes, rv are us site is 100000 percent correct. Some A## even brought race into this discussion with the old white people group. Let me say, with that comment, I doubt I want to be a member. That person above in this post should be banned from this site.