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  1. Volvo XC SUV FWD

    Volvo XC SUV FWD automatic . Can this be towed 4 down ? or does it have to be towed on a dolly?
  2. Porsche SUV Cayenne

    Thanks. I was trying to up grade from a Jeep Liberty 04 to a Porsche Cayenne Hybrid 6cyl gas/ Electric cheap deal. Just trying!!
  3. This is a AWD 6cl can this be towed all 4 down?
  4. 7500 Gen 2005 Winnebago Diesel

    Thanks for the info that's what I will do this weekend.
  5. 7500 Gen 2005 Winnebago Diesel

    What type of oil can I put in there. i just change the oil in my engine and need to change the Generator 7500 also. Is it the same as the Engine I put Shell T=4 in it??
  6. Front End Noise

    Thanks for the info that's what i will try replacing 1st. just have to find the polyurethane bushings.
  7. Front End Noise

    I have a 2005 Journey and have the same issue. When I hit a bump in the road it sounds like metal to metal hitting, I have 2 bolts in the front that have rubber bushing but none on the top just the bottom.
  8. Front End Noise

    I have the same thing in my 2005 Journey have been trying to find out what it is. I was told it could be the king pins.
  9. 2 things: I just got a 2003 Jeep Liberty 4x4 and am trying to find a base plate that not that's inexpensive. Any suggesting? And, do I have to do any thing to it to be dingy towed? (NEW BEE)
  10. Cummins Generator Dies After 2-3 Seconds

    Holding down the switch worked. Thanks to the family.
  11. Cummins Generator Dies After 2-3 Seconds

    I ran the coach low before stopping and filling up could that caused the issue. I checked the oil but not the fuel filter.
  12. My 7500 Cummins generator starts but cut off after running for 2-3 sec. It work up until yesterday. 2005 Journey 36g Help!