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  1. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    I think you need to correct the wording here. The proper word should be comprised not compromised!
  2. Got a call from FMCA this morning and evidently you need to be a paid member of FMCA for the full year term of this program. In other words, my current membership expires in August of 2018 so I cannot take advantage of this program unless I extend my membership for another year making the membership expire in August of 2019. I could then subscribe to this program that would expire 1 year from my start date which would currently make it end in November of 2018. There are a lot of similarities to this program and the CoachNet Basic plan for $79, so I will keep what I have now. I am not a multi year membership person, so this is not appealing to me, but others may think it is.
  3. I'm not trying to signup for the Verizon deal. I am referencing the roadside assistance deal which was the first posting on this thread!
  4. Well, I tried to signup for this, but it said I did not have enough time left in my membership to get this, I had just renewed my yearly membership in August. I have sent 2 emails to FMCA, but so far I have not heard any response. As a current member, I guess I am not allowed to get this benefit unless it corresponds to my membership dates. Kind of makes it useless unless you renew it at the same time as your membership. If that is the case, and I am still waiting on a response from FMCA, then I would have to wait until next August to get this benefit. My CoachNet coverage expires next month and I can renew that coverage for $79 and both plans appear to be almost identical. Not much of a benefit for me.
  5. 2014 Equinox Wobble

    If I understand correctly, if you have the 4 cyl version and you pull the #32 fuse you might have the wobble, but if you leave the fuse in you won't. So here is another question on this topic. If you don't pull the fuse and add a charge line so the steering will not wobble and your battery will not drain, will your odometer rack up miles? I am considering an Equinox for my next towed, but the difference in mileage from a V6 (24 hwy) to a 4 cyl (32 hwy) can be significant. So if the fuse needs to stay in to keep from having the wobble issue but it racks up miles, I guess I need to consider the V6!
  6. Florida Campgrounds/Resorts

    Compass RV Park is also a decent campground in St. Augustine. We have stayed at Stage Coach and Compass and I like Compass better.
  7. Centramatic Interaction

    While I agree this guy should know his stuff, given his position, there are hundreds of configurations out there and some vehicles actually had an 8 bolt hub. Sounds to me like he was trying to make sure he had all the information needed to get you the best product for your vehicle. It is surprising that some people have no clue as to what they have and evidently you don't know how many studs you have either. Not trying to start a fight here, but I think you were a little harsh. I had a full set of these on a semi tractor and they were great, so I would not hesitate to use them again.
  8. Paying The Tolls

    I have been using I-Pass in Illinois for years and as stated above, you can list all your vehicles and move it from one to the other and you will be charged for the corresponding rate. I have had a semi, 2 motorhomes, various cars and I even add my granddaughter's car when she comes home from Florida so she won't have to pay the higher fees. Using the I-Pass in Illinois will be a cheaper rate than paying at the booth and most on/off ramps are no longer staffed with a human. It also works in all the same places as EZ-Pass. You can access your account online and change the amount of the automatic debit as often as you like. When I was running a semi, I had it set for $100 debit and a low threshold of $20, but now I have it set at lower rates as I don't use it much. It is a $10 cost in the beginning plus setting up the account and when you return it, you get your $10 back. Can be bought at any Jewel-Osco in Illinois or at any service center on the toll road. You can also order them online. As long as it is still good in all EZ-Pass locations, I will keep it.