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  1. Coach Batteries Won't Charge When Plugged In

    Check to see if the inverter is off if it is they won't charge that's how my house batteries charge when on shore power
  2. 20170718_173047.jpg

    They look like a horizontal beer can dispenser really nice job on the coach enjoy
  3. Coverting Coach From 30amp to 50amp

    Bill 12000 at 120 volts would be 100 but your service is 12000 at 240 volt which is 50 the load will balance over the 240 with the neutral carrying the difference
  4. Coverting Coach From 30amp to 50amp

    Bill look at it this way 30 amp service = 3600 watts 50 amp service = 12000 watts so you have 3 times the power on a 50 the link I put on last post explained it better than I can in a house you have a 2 pole 100 amp main breaker you don't call that a 200 amp service it's 100 same in a rv a 2 pole 50 amp main breaker is a 50 amp service I'm done maybe an electrical engineer can chime in
  5. Coverting Coach From 30amp to 50amp

    http://www.rv-dreams.com/rv-electrical.html this may help explain 50 verses 30
  6. Coverting Coach From 30amp to 50amp

    Tom i guess it was a bad attempt at trying to be funny I was told by the owner of a park I have worked at that 100 amp shore power will be coming in the future that means you will have a 2 pole 100 amp breaker and the power cord feeding the coach will be much larger
  7. Coverting Coach From 30amp to 50amp

    Bill you will not draw 100 amps you do not add the 2 poles together you will have more capacity if the pedestal is correctly wired because you have 2 legs that are 50 ea either leg gets to 50 breaker trips you can not draw more than 50 on either leg if you don't believe me get hold of a 240 volt load bank and prove it for yourself 100 amp is coming not to far out power cord for that will be like a fire hose 240v x 50a = 12000 watts L1 120v x 50a = 6000 watts L2 120v x 50a = 6000watts total for 1 & 2 is 12000 watts max continues load at 80% = 9600 watts or 40 per leg if you exceed this the breaker will start to heat up and eventually open on thermal load most problems are due to old outdated wiring in park systems and ther fear their ugly head when the temperature goes up and air conditioning load is up
  8. Coverting Coach From 30amp to 50amp

    Brett you don't add the 2 legs together they are only 50 per leg the both legs are pined together because if one side overloads code says both have to open together even if the other is ok
  9. Coverting Coach From 30amp to 50amp

    When you plug into a 50 amp shore power you do not have 100 amps total you will only be able to draw 50 since the breaker is only 50 what happens on a 50 is if one leg is using more than the other the difference goes to the neutral conductor so if L1 is 20 amps and L2 is 10 amps 20 amps would be on L1 and L2 and the neutral would carry 10 amps if the load was balanced the neutral should be 0 max continues load should not exceed 80 % of the breaker rating per national electric code if you go over 80% the breaker could eventually overheat and trip on thermal you don't always have to exceed full rating of breaker to have it trip the advantage is that with a 120/240 volt supply you do have more total wattage available
  10. BDing at Hampton Beach NH

    We are only about 20 miles from Scusset and go down with the grandkids and park at the fishpeir and ride the bike path good day trip when the weather is good also a good exercise run for the coach
  11. BDing at Hampton Beach NH

    Dave and Carl don't forget Horseneck beach in Westport Ma or scusset beach by the cape cod canal both state parks scusset hard to get in they have water and electric Horseneck bare bones no water or electric both have great great beaches
  12. 1992 Safari Ivory Diesel Tech Edition

    Had one on my super c with hydra boost brakes gives you full breaking power if engin fails with air you still have reserve air with a power failure
  13. "CoachNet Sucks"

    Jim S I understand now I have good Sam roadside assist 5 year sub came with the coach when we bought it used it once terrible results could have looked up someone myself in less time took them 2 days to get someone out and he new nothing about the cat engine and charged for call called them back and had to argue with them to get towed to cat dealer driver had right size wrecker but didn't know how to air up a Motorhome so he released brakes removed drive shaft and towed 50 miles with air ride down found things thrown all over the place they tried to charge 4 hours labor for hook up put claim in with good Sam after 2 weeks they said clame dinied tow operator said he did nothing wrong only thing broken was cover on washer fixed it myself easer than dealing with a lawyer when it runs out I won't renew
  14. "CoachNet Sucks"

    A lot of the guys on here bank the payments and pay cash when something happens
  15. Paint Codes

    I have a coachman got my paint codes by calling coachman and giving them the vin number