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  1. Had one on my super c with hydra boost brakes gives you full breaking power if engin fails with air you still have reserve air with a power failure
  2. Jim S I understand now I have good Sam roadside assist 5 year sub came with the coach when we bought it used it once terrible results could have looked up someone myself in less time took them 2 days to get someone out and he new nothing about the cat engine and charged for call called them back and had to argue with them to get towed to cat dealer driver had right size wrecker but didn't know how to air up a Motorhome so he released brakes removed drive shaft and towed 50 miles with air ride down found things thrown all over the place they tried to charge 4 hours labor for hook up put claim in with good Sam after 2 weeks they said clame dinied tow operator said he did nothing wrong only thing broken was cover on washer fixed it myself easer than dealing with a lawyer when it runs out I won't renew
  3. A lot of the guys on here bank the payments and pay cash when something happens
  4. I have a coachman got my paint codes by calling coachman and giving them the vin number
  5. Carl he did say Cherokee that's the one everybody's talking about ours is a 2012 Grand Cherokee and it towed just wicked pissa
  6. I put a roadmasrer on my 2012 Grand Cherokee wasn't to bad had a freind that was a body man help they know all the little tricks to getting all the plastic parts off without breaking the fasteners also get some high quality drill bits the instructions will tell what size you need the metals they use on the frame is really hard good bits will make the drilling part easier
  7. On my Cat 350 C7 loss of power was huei pump 2 times it was replaced 1 yr 2 mos ago and failed again a month ago pump was gone again cat picked up 70% this time they told me that there were no pumps available and would not be till July or August. Cat service mgr. said he would check around other dealers and came back and told me a cat dealer in Maine said to use a marine pump which he did he told me that the marine pump was a more robust pump with dual bearings instead of single and designed to operate at high RPM s for hours and hours at a time only mod to fit it was to move the fuel filter to the frame rail next to the separator which was on my to do list for accessibility. Trip last week into the rolling hills of Vermont ran great more power than the first replacement he said any extra fuel it pumps just goes back to tank my guess is the extra fuel flow will also help keep the fuel system cooler. Time will tell-- only out of service for one week. Milton Cat did a great job getting me back up and running.
  8. You got it Herman. so the question is why are some people obsessed with trying to convince someone who has no interest in joining. There is no money at the end of that trail. Only money their is what they wasted on a useless adventure down a path you don't need to explore !!
  9. One night sitting around the fire with my sons family and several other young family's ( friends of my son and his wife ) And all towable owners with young kids. I brought up FMCA and was immediately told by my son there is nothing in FMCA that benefits us and all his freinds agreed with him they said it's just a club for old people with motorhomes. They don't care about the rally's don't need any road assistance tire are easy to change yourself they don't worry about getting sick and needing a way home I couldn't come up with a good argument why they should join I was totally outnumbered by them.
  10. There's that rubber mallet again 🤔
  11. Hea how does your pocket smell afterwards
  12. My freightliner manual has a section on how to use it you should be able to get it online or call freightliner and they will help you out if I can figure out how to attach it I will later today
  13. Don't have a egt on mine so I just idle till engin temp is at low normal how difficult is it to install one also boost pressure
  14. joe the code it threw said low erratic fuel pressure
  15. Joe that's what I do drove a bucket truck with saddle tanks for a bunch of years those were a piece of cake to top off coach has fills on both sides and about 5 ft of hose leading to the tank from each side. Curb side fills best so I try to favor that one. Won't have to worry about that for a while blew another huei pump only about 2500 miles lasted for a year and 2 months so naturally it was just out of warentee cat said they will pay for 80% if I buy an extended warentee. The bad news is they don't have any and don't expect any till July or august they are trying other dealers. At least I drove it to Milton cat this time didn't have to get towed. oooooo well only dirty green paper with dead presidents pictures on it