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  1. Inbox messages

    How do I get to Inbox messages?
  2. Comfort Drive on Newmar motorcoach

    Thank you for your reply, I am new with a DP and appreciate your information.
  3. Comfort Drive on Newmar motorcoach

    Manholt ,in Galveston ,TX. says "Newmar is not the only Manufacturer with "Comfort Drive"! Just called by a different name and been around a long time! I have a variation of it on mine & FIVE has the same ,both AC,s!" What are AC,s and what is the other manufacturer with "Comfort Drive" that Manholt said had been around a long time. Any information would be appreciated. ROBANDBARB.
  4. Comfort Drive on Newmar motorcoach

    What other motorhomes have their version the comfort drive?
  5. Women Driving their A Classes

    thank you, I will watch there.
  6. Comfort Drive on Newmar motorcoach

    What are your comments on Newmar Comfort Drive vs a Freightliner with regular steering?
  7. Women Driving their A Classes

    I will try and digest what you've said here. I do look out my mirrors a bunch, of course, but not sure if they are setup as you mention. Nice tip, thank you.
  8. Women Driving their A Classes

    My goodness, what do you do with two coaches???? Especially when hers is prime. Would love to have a Phaeton, just don't have the pocketbook for it. Happy Easter
  9. Women Driving their A Classes

    Kay; I understand what you are saying about keeping their position on the road. We learned that in the beginning. Hugging the center line is what we are told. You're really not as close as you think. I try to find a place on the windshield or dash to help. I had a friend that took a class and they placed a dot on the windshield that was setup for her when she drove. I also focus my eyes further down the road. We also tow and we have a rear camera and I watch where the car sits between the lines. Thanks
  10. My husband and I own an A Class and I drive it about half the time. We've only owned it a less than a year so we are definitely new at this. It doesn't seem common that many women want to drive. I was just curious if anyone knew the statistics on how many women did drive. Do you enjoy it? Any tips from what you've learned? Also, I would like to hear from any that might do it full time and what are some tips on not getting so tired so easy. Thank you, Barb
  11. Hwy 78 Columbus MT To Red Lodge MT

    We are coming from the west on I90 and going all the way to Laurel to catch 212 is out of the way. 78 is the more direct route. I know that 212 is a good road as I've taken that numerous times when coming from Billings to Red Lodge, but never 78, and never in a motorhome. Yes it is the exact reason I asked about Hwy 2 in Washington. Thank you.
  12. We have a 35 ft motor home and we are towing a car. We want to go to Red Lodge by way of Hwy 78 out of Columbus. You go through Absarokee, Rocoe, and into Red Lodge. I have been this way in a car but can't remember if it's a good road for a motorhome. Any help? Barb
  13. U.S. Hwy 2 Between Leavenworth WA & Everett WA

    Thank you for your help. I was hoping that was the answer.
  14. We are planning a trip this summer that will take us all the way to the coast. We will be going to Leavenworth for a few days and then on to the coast. Hwy 2 looks like the shortest route and likely the most scenic. But, I'm not sure if it's the best route with an RV. We have a 35ft A class and will be towing. I've heard it was OK but I know there is a pass to cross and just wasn't sure the width and shape of the hwy. Has anyone out there taking this path with a motorhome? How was the experience? Thank you, Barb
  15. Tire Minder TPMS

    I just installed a Tire Minder tm-77. I checked tire pressure and adjusted to proper pressure with a Tire Minder tmg-aaa RV digital guage. The pressure on my tm-77 unit does not match the pressure with my tire minder gauge a difference of 1 to 7 lbs on my RV. The car I am towing is pretty actuate on pressure with tire minder unit vs the tire minder digital pressure gauge . Any help on this would be appreciated. We are leaving for Thor rally Sun. morning in Goshen.