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  1. We have a 35 ft motor home and we are towing a car. We want to go to Red Lodge by way of Hwy 78 out of Columbus. You go through Absarokee, Rocoe, and into Red Lodge. I have been this way in a car but can't remember if it's a good road for a motorhome. Any help? Barb
  2. U.S. Hwy 2 Between Leavenworth WA & Everett WA

    Thank you for your help. I was hoping that was the answer.
  3. We are planning a trip this summer that will take us all the way to the coast. We will be going to Leavenworth for a few days and then on to the coast. Hwy 2 looks like the shortest route and likely the most scenic. But, I'm not sure if it's the best route with an RV. We have a 35ft A class and will be towing. I've heard it was OK but I know there is a pass to cross and just wasn't sure the width and shape of the hwy. Has anyone out there taking this path with a motorhome? How was the experience? Thank you, Barb
  4. Tire Minder TPMS

    I just installed a Tire Minder tm-77. I checked tire pressure and adjusted to proper pressure with a Tire Minder tmg-aaa RV digital guage. The pressure on my tm-77 unit does not match the pressure with my tire minder gauge a difference of 1 to 7 lbs on my RV. The car I am towing is pretty actuate on pressure with tire minder unit vs the tire minder digital pressure gauge . Any help on this would be appreciated. We are leaving for Thor rally Sun. morning in Goshen.
  5. Rv Armor

  6. Rv Armor

    I will think twice before opening a vent while traveling after what WILDEBILL308 said.
  7. Rv Armor

    My vent covers are Fantastic Vent Ultrabreeze Covers .They were installed at Thor Factory flush to the roof . RV Armor after much conversation has agreed to re-install them correctly, and take care of any other problem there were with the RV Armor install.
  8. Rv Armor

    My money. I spent on a new roof not to have to have to worry about for life. No offense meant but you act like you have a problem with that. Why? I am sure the Thor Tuscany is a very nice unit. I hope that they inspect it before leaving the plant like they didn't my unit. Enjoy your new unit. I would not want anyone to get a unit with the problems I had. I had to get the president of THOR involved in my problem as they said they could not get it in at the factory shop in Elkhart till Oct.2017, I took delivery May 22nd. The president got the date changed to Aug.7th.They did not want to show off my unit at the diesel rally 1st week of Oct. I expect. I still have some issues to take care of but nothing but nothing they won't take of under warranty. You seem like a nice guy I hope I have not offended you. Have a great evening-- to be continued. My wife and Myself are NEWBEES to A classes, we could use much advice as we have a lot to learn. Any help would be good for us. If we had to do over there would be no new roof. The owner of Rv Armor was a good sales man and took advantage of our lack of knowledge about RV roofs. we are both 64 years old and are learning the hard way on some things we have bought for our unit. With our FMCA family we will do better or go broke learning LOL.
  9. Rv Armor

    Thanks for your help, I will try to get it posted after COLTS game today.
  10. Rv Armor

  11. Rv Armor

    We still have more issues with Thor they have not taken care of correct. I have not Slandered Rv Armor. Just told the truth and I can verify it. They put to much of there material on roof where Airmaxx covers are, and turned assembly brackets upside down to raise Airmaxx covers up just so they have clearance to reconnect them and that left a 1/4 inch gap and it isn't sealed to roof ,not an easy fix, reason they don't want to fix it. I have yet to talk to the owner I talked to at Indy Convention RV Roof Class , his salesman in Florida says I cant talk to him because he is too busy. As far as Thor I would not buy another one after our One month vacation was not pleasant after the refrigerator fell out of the wall and I had to gorilla tape it to cabinet to continue our trip without freezer that I taped it to wall with, the shower leaked, the bathroom window leaked all over floor when it rained ,the radio and navigation bit the dust after 3 days. This 3401 Aria could not have been inspected at all. Consider buying anything but a Thor if I were you. Could write a book on all our Thor problems.Good luck. Hope you find an A class you will enjoy for many years. Consider looking at a Newmar A class. More money but better quality.
  12. Rv Armor

    Thor took care of our issues, RV Armor wont.they put the Airmaxx covers are on wrong so I cant use in rain or they don't stop rain from leaking in. they left 1/4 inch gap and did not put them flush with roof.
  13. Rv Armor

    Don't ever have to worry about the roof for life and it is a better material, does that make sense??????
  14. Oval FMAC Number Plate Decal

    Can you get just a metal regular license plate version with your fmca # on it to put on the license plate area of the front your coach?
  15. Rv Armor

    WE had 50 things go wrong with our 3 week old 2018 aria in the first three weeks on vacation out east. WE went to Indianapolis Convention ,where we live ,went to RV Armor class and decided to have roof put so we did not ever have to worry about something else of shoddy workmanship from our new Thor, at least our roof .