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  1. I am a solo traveler and fairly new being a full-time RVer. Some campgrounds have back-in sites only, or the back-in sites are more in my price range. Sometimes there is no spotter available to assist me in backing into a site. I want to know what techniques others have used to safely back -in. I have considered using an orange cone at the corner of the site (where a spotter might stand), and a reflective triangle or flag positioned outside of the motorhome to mark where I should start the turn out. I do not know how to attach the item to the outside of the motorhome so no water leaks start, and can be removed when driving. Any other ideas?
  2. My MAC computer will not connect to certain unsecured campground WiFi’s. The iPhone and iPad will connect. I will try a Sprint mobile hot spot, at $50 a month. I have just thought of a VPN, which can range from free to $ 12 a month or so. What is best to override the MACs resistance to the unsecured WiFi?
  3. Using RV Park Cable TV

    I brought a tv cable from home, indoor hookup.. at the campground, the hookup is outside. Is there a different tv cable needed for outside hookup?
  4. My motorhome is going to a service center for 3 weeks for warranty work in November. Some of the work may involve plumbing. Should the motorhome be winterized for this short stint. This service center is located near Cincinnati, Ohio.