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  1. We bought a 2016 this summer with only 560 miles on it. For whatever reason the couple that purchased it had some hiccup with it. I think they became afraid of driving the F53 v-10 because it had some sway in the wind. We saved a good deal on the purchase. I asked the dealer (as part of the deal) to include a warranty as I did not think the low miles were enough to identify the issues and the coach was beyond the 1 year Newmar warranty. If you look around and resist the impulse buying urge, you can save money and find a coach that fits within your budget. BTW a hellwig Sway bar, Roadmaster steering stabilizer and extension links to do the CHF the right way calmed the beast and made a good driver out of it. In the past we owned a 35' DP that we put 120,000 miles on. we bought that one used and enjoyed it for 12 years.
  2. Using a LLC in Montania... Does It Work Well?

    Buwanda As a Michigan 1/2 resident I feel your pain. We recently purchased our MH and found out that the MI. plates would be about $750.00 per year and maybe more. We are a 1/2 year resident in FL. as well so after some research we found that we could title and plate the MH in FL for 96.00 for 2 year plate using our FL. address. The state sales tax is nearly the same so no savings there. Mi. is 6% and Fl. is 6% + 50.00 for anything over 5,000. I do not think the Montana LLC is a safe bet any longer. States are taking a big beating on the loss of sales tax revenue and it is worth their while to pursue those they think are titling in Montana to save the tax.