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  1. Bad Experience At A Campground

    We recently stayed at a campground in Michigan named Traverse Bay Resort. We stayed there twice last summer and it is a very nice campground. We had to leave a day early on the second trip due a death in our family. When I went to check out I was notified the owner would have to approve a credit for the night we would not be staying. After a month, I called the resort and spoke with the manger and was rudely told there would be no credit. I asked if I had signed something that said I was locked into the four nights and his response was they don't give credits. When I told him I would be disputing this charge with my credit card company, he again rudely said "bring it on baby, I'm ready for you". I thought it would be appropriate to let other people know how rude this person was and it really isn't about a credit, but how some people conduct business. We were actually considering purchasing one of their sites before this happened. Now you couldn't give me one. His name incidentally is David Scheppe.