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  1. BF Goodrich, Continental vs. Michelin Tires

    The 275 is load range H @ 7160lb The 295 is load range H also @ 7830 lbs. I would like that little extra cushion as I'm within 10 or 15% of Maximum now. The question is will the 295 tires fit on the same Rim as a 275.?
  2. New tires

    I would be interested in that dealers information in Fort Worth. I would call him and see if he could ship me tires to Tampa Florida. I'm looking for G6 70s 275 80 R 22.5. Cannot find them in the Tampa Bay area.
  3. BF Goodrich, Continental vs. Michelin Tires

    I am also due to change out my g670 tires on a Monaco 40-footer. On all four corners I'm running within 10%-15% of load limits. I would like to move from the 275 80r to the 295 80r. Can I mount these wider tires on the same rim? Staying in load range H the 295 provide about 700 more pounds of load carrying capacity. I like having a little more breathing room in my normal carry weight to maximum capacity.