Rear Passenger Seat and Seat belt assembly for 2001 190 Popular

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Hi All,

I am new to the RV community. Have always enjoyed the outdoors and decided it's time so I bought a 2001 Roadtrek 190 Popular. Only problem is the back passenger seat and seat belt assembly was removed and extra wardrobe added, I don't need the wardrobe and want the seat back. Anyone have advice on where to find the seat and seat belt assembly?

Thanks and safe travels,


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You should join the Roadtrek Facebook Group ( Jim Hammill, President of Roadtrek, is a frequent visitor and if the other members are unable to help you (unlikely), he will either lead you in the right direction or fix the problem himself.

If joining Facebook is not possible, simply send an e-mail to Roadtrek ( and ask for assistance. Roadtrek is one of the most customer friendly companies.

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