Hello From The Frozen North (Michigan)

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I am new to this association but not new to motorhoming. We have had 3 different motorhomes over the last 18 years. I'm not sure why it took me so long to join. If I buy Michelin tires, I will have paid for the dues for a lifetime!

I am looking through the list of Chapters and wondering what fits us. Do we attend a small chapter rally or do we attend the rally in Goshen, IN and try to find a group that we fit in with? Can we attend a chapter rally without joining?

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Dave & Mary,

Welcome to FMCA and the Forum.

Last question first. Yes you may attend a chapter rally without joining. Here on the FMCA web site there is a section for Chapters. Click on there, scroll down to the Great Lake Area and look for Chapters. There you will find big chapters and small chapters, old chapters and new chapters. There is a chapter to fit most everybody's needs, likes, size and area.

In the Magazine there is a section "Association Calender". Go there, find a time frame that fits and look for Rallies that are in your area. There will be a person to contact for information.

If you and Mary were in the Texas area I would be inviting you to a Lone Star Rally. (If you are planning a visit to the Southwest send me a Personal Message).

Again Welcome to FMCA it is a great place to be.

Herman Mullins

President Lone Star Chapter

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