Steps "Click" When Extending

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When the steps are extending, there is a clicking sound just before they become fully extended. Clicks several times and then stops. I think the gear on the motor has lost a tooth. Can replacement gears be purchased or do I have to buy the entire motor assembly?



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This is some info I have collected over the years from various threads for Kwikee steps. Maybe it will be helpful.

Trouble shooting chart HERE

There is a trouble shooting guide HERE

If you need sources for motors or parts check the following:





" 1) AM Equipment 402 E. Hazel St Jefferson, OR 97352, (541) 327-1546 the motor is $29 plus $7 shipping.

2) Replacement step motor at AutoZone. It's a Siemens "Window Lift Motor", part number WL43003.

3) Autozone. The brand is "Siemens"
The ID tag lists the following numbers:
4) A 1986-1995 Ford Taurus left front window lift motor matched my motor. NAPA part # BK655-1395 $63.99 I ordered my motor from Auto-Zone Manufactured by Dorman part# 742-206. This has a lifetime Warranty and was $49.99. "

Also these guys rebuild the older unencapsulated circuit boards: HERE

New info in 2012

Aci Auto/Window Lift Motor

For your 1995 Ford Truck F150 1/2 ton P/U 2WD 5.0L EFI 8cyl
Enlarge Image
Part Number: 83094

On disasembly of the motor I found the plastic plugs severly lopsided due to all the years of strain, new plugs cost $8.00 at Autozone or Amazon, other than that the Autozone Ford Mark VI would have worked $ $44, but I saved myself $38
Just rplaced my 25 series Kwikee step motor with a Dorman 742-277 window lift motor for a 1986 Ford Taurus driver side window lift motor. They said the Taurus had a high torqe motor which is why the number ends with 277 meaning high torqe. My steps zip in and out with this motor application. It was a special order item but only took one day for them to get it to my local AutoZone store. I also noticed AutoZone had rebuild kits for Dorman window lift gear boxes (plastic gears) in the Help section of the store.

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