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Total Off-grid Solar-powered RV

Posted by roadtrekingmike, 13 November 2013 · 1,043 views

Total Off-grid Solar-powered RV I came across this interesting You Tube video from a guy who calls himself “Master Luke.” It shows a 24-foot cargo trailer that he made into a totally solar-powered RV.

The entire roof of the trailer is covered with solar panels - 3,130  watts worth of them.

The Roadtrek eTrek we drive has a 5,000-watt inverter, a diesel generator and about 250 watts of solar power. But I reckon that we can get more practical RVing use out of our rig than he can with his. That diesel generator charges those batteries very fast and the 250-watt solar panels really help keep the batteries topped off. I suppose if stuck in the woods and the diesel tank runs dry, we’d be pretty limited after a few days but don’t see that as a very likely situation we would be encountering anytime soon.

But, the installation in this video is very impressive and I think it shows how solar is getting more and more viable for many. I think of applying what he has done in this video to a cabin out in the middle of the Michigan Upper Peninsula woods.

And being off-grid is, well, just very cool.

What are your thoughts on this setup?

Here’s a second more in depth video he did on micro inverters, which he briefly shows in the above video.

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