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  2. 2017 Thor 35SD

    Yes there must be something else on that circuit. Un plug the refrigerator and check the outlet for power. Bill
  3. 2017 Thor 35SD

    The E05 code is OVERLOAD, you need to see what other load is on the same circuit. Jim
  4. New Spell Checker

    Brett. A little of both, Bill. Hang in there and try one from Nort Korea...they welly good.
  5. Hey, guys.....we're getting off topic. I'm sure the OP is just waiting to come back and thank us for the information we've so gladly provided.
  6. 2017 Thor 35SD

    What is code E05 ? What does your owners manual say? Bill
  7. Air Filter Life Expectancy

    Benefit? Low cost, but to me it equals taking a high risk...I suspect that if "your coach is chosen to test a prototype", your making $$$ and your engine is covered 100%! Mine would be and then some!!!
  8. Jacks

    What does your manual say? Bill
  9. Jacks

    Hi. What system do you have?
  10. 2017 Thor 35SD

    Rich. What happens when you turn your generator on? What king of batteries do you have, acid or AGM...can you look at water level in batteries? Have you looked at voltage on each of your batteries with a voltmeter? Make sure that all grounds are tight and making good contact, including inverter! Carl C.
  11. Air Filter Life Expectancy

    Well I wonder if the K&N filters are as good as some think, why hasn't K&N run them on a ISO 5011certified test bead and publish the results? Why because the K&N filters let to much dirt past the filter. If you do a little research you will see the stock filter flows more air than your engine can use at WOT. So where is the benefit? Bill
  12. Tom. When Monaco went, so did all the other brands they owned...Beaver, CC, Safari, HR. I'm missing one.
  13. 2017 Thor 35SD

    I am at a loss at this point. My wife and I have 3 months on the road scheduled and I would prefer to avoid the dealer at all costs. This is the first time we have not had the ability to have power to the refrigerator when on the road by simply turning on the inverter. The coach currently has 6k miles on it and we bought it with 3k miles. I am planning a trip to Florida at the end of December and would rather not have to run the generator to operate the refrigerator as you can understand. Open to any further suggestions. Thank you again. Rich
  14. 2017 Thor 35SD

    Found the inverter in an underneath basement storage area. Checked the reset button which was not "kicked". Unplugged the shore power and turn on the inverter and the fridge did not turn on as it always did. Started the engine and again turned on the inverter and still the fridge does not come on. In both instances the inverter control panel codes "E05". I made sure nothing else was on but one led interior light and the propane for heat.
  15. Air Filter Life Expectancy

    I use and have used K&N in quite a few vehicles, atvs and tractors. I keep a good eye on them and keep them oiled, when the gauge shows above normal range or they look really dirty, I replace them. With the exception of the atv's, I will not wash or clean them, It is not worth damaging it with a hole you my not catch. Gary
  16. New Spell Checker

    No coment as it looked goos to me. Bill
  17. 2017 Thor 35SD

    When I look the Xantrex Pro XM1800 up online it shows an inverter yet the fuse panel breaker list shows a converter (on a 15amp breaker). Sorry if this all doesn't make sense but I am not good at all with electronics.
  18. 2017 Thor 35SD

    Based on my breaker panel I have a converter and not an inverter. Not familiar with a converter or if there is a reset for it. I do have a transfer switch in the basement area but it doesn't have any outside switches and looks to be opened only by a professional.
  19. Jacks

    2005 Adventure jacks will not go down. Pump will work for slide ,but will not run with jack down button,but will run with the up button and jacks are up Weird.
  20. 2017 Thor 35SD

    I have checked the breakers which all are on and all fuses are good.
  21. 2017 Thor 35SD

    It shows 13.6 volts before going into alarm with a code "E05". It also sounds an alarm when coding.
  22. 2017 Thor 35SD

    This the only thing I can see and is what has a code of E05 when turned on and without shore power. Hope this helps.
  23. Yesterday
  24. 2017 Thor 35SD

    Please post exactly what converter, charger or inverter/charger you have. Without that we are all speculating-- which will not do you any good.
  25. 2017 Thor 35SD

    It is a residential refrigerator. Electric only. Thank you.
  26. New Spell Checker

    I expected Bill to comment. He's always looking for his spell chequer.
  27. 2017 Thor 35SD

    Do you have a residential refrigerator runs on 120V AC power only or a RV refrigerator that operated either on propane or 120V AC. A inverter converts a DC voltage to AC (typically 12v DC to 120v AC on a RV) A converter converts a AC voltage to DC (typically 120v AC to 12v DC on a RV) We will need more information to help you solve your problem. Jim . P
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