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  2. Whats Cooking, Who Is Where, Off The Subject & Memories

    I can remember that so well. I can almost taste it right now. As Archie said, "Those were the DAYS" Herman
  3. Whats Cooking, Who Is Where, Off The Subject & Memories

    Look at your Passenger, Dianne was an American the last time I saw her. Herman
  4. Wash Wax All

    Thank YOUUUUUUUU. Herman
  5. Slide Canopy / Water & Snow

    Many Folks use to put a soccer ball or other ball in the middle of the slide out awning. Differences in coaches might dictate the size. They used different things to push them in and out. On a full wall slide, it might take two and some kind of affair you screw together, t push them in and out. I think I would on a ball that wouldn't deflate install a long cord to, to pull them out or perhaps two cords and pull it into place. Our squeegie pole would be a bit short or a full wall slide......and don't forget the balls are in there. Some awnings might take a bit more tension on the rewind spring to hep a bit too. It is not a heck of a lot of fun putting things away, or disconnecting when wife pus in the slide. She thinks it is pretty funny though. On the other hand a good rinse before heading out cools you down pretty good.
  6. High winds? When do you pull over and sit it out?

    On our trip to Chandler last year we, three coaches, left Demming NM early (6:30) headed West. This was due to the forecast of very high winds. Just after we left Lordsburg, NM and crossed into AZ. We saw on the East bound side of I-10 they were stopping traffic due to the wind and dust. Three friends of our, also going West were caught in the Detour and had to go over 100 miles out of their way to avoid the wind and dust. At one time the coach in the lead, I was tailgunner, pulled over so quite suddenly. I had to pull past them. It turned out the the Middle coach saw the front coach lose his flat dish antenna. He said it looked like a flying saucer flying. But they did find it. But all in all it was a great trip with very good friends. Herman
  7. Wash Wax All

    I'll be nice and get Herman a six pack.
  8. Wash Wax All

    Glad you posted it and not Herman! He's like me on beer. I have 3 bottles left, of a 6 pack of Bud Light, that I bought for the last Perry Rally, 2 years ago!!!
  9. Wash Wax All

    Sorry TimeT, I started this with a commit about the residue left on your windows when using a wash and wax product on coach windows. Then I digressed to the question about Bon Ami spray cleaner for windows. Wayne, Thanks for finding the ads. I was about to think I had only dreamed about the Bon AMi window cleaner. Sorry to have digressed from the Topic but again thanks Wayne. Herman
  10. 2011 I think we drove in 75 mph sustained winds in north Texas into Oklahoma. Not because we wanted to but didn't find any place to pull over. The slide out awning billowed out continously. In Texas Folks drove on the shoulder if the ydidn't want to keep up with the traffic. 75mph on state or county road, I don't remember. Semis approaching went onto the shoulder as did we. The wind could suck us together. No one was driving over ten to fifteen mph, perhaps. Finally found a nice campground, where the ground was red rock and washed the coach after our nerves settled down. If we knew the next day was going to be a repeat we would have stayed put. Day started off calm and clear as a bell but within an hour or two the winds came back hard from the west. It was white knuckles once we hit Oklahoma, and the road turned into a 2 lane narrow interstate, with 60 mph, speed limit, I think. The wind did not know there was a border. We had west wind on our drivers side for a long way, until we or the road made a turn toward Hutchinson. Our fuel mileage was about 22 mpg, as the wind pushed us along and on the brakes more than the throttle. Don't want to repeat that again. On I 40 west of Feet Worth according to our GPS, we ,have seen many semis headed east usually, on their side or top, from the wind, in that 20 mile stretch or so. Most right as a slight inside curve on the east bound side is encountered. We will be traveling real early or real late depending on weather info, in that area and the Big Bend area or Az from about 75 miles east of Tucson to Phoenix. We won't be traveling in 40mph winds or higher on purpose or at all if we can help it again.
  11. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    Wayne, Don't get discouraged when going there it is way back in there, but quite and the stars are bright at night. Herman
  12. Today
  13. When we bought our farm there was a mobile home on it. So the first thing i built was a 40' X 50' Barn (Garage) with two 10' X 16' and one 16' X 10' overhead doors. We insulated the entire building. One we need it for Storage and two it stopped the monthly cost of storage. The facility we were in was covered but it was opened to the West sun that can be really hot in the summer here. We had 110 volt power on a 15 amp breaker that popped all the time. Couldn't get Doug to change the breaker, he said it was my fault that it continued to pop. We now have 50 amp with water and sewer. This week when it was in the low to mid 20's the temp inside didn't go below 48 degrees. Haven't had to winterize the coach in 7 years. As the old slogan goes, "Oh what a relief it is". So to answer Mark's question, we store inside but not climitized, not needed here. Herman
  14. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    I might have to spend some down time there on the return trip. Thanks
  15. Excessive weight on front axles

    I also am a 1st time tag axle owner and am interested in the topic.
  16. Wash Wax All

    Carl, You need to get out more.
  17. Wash Wax All

    Hey, I'll take the beer. Unknown if these Wash Wax a vehicle. Bon Ami Spray Bon Ami Window Cleaner and Jet-Spray Bon Ami Push-Button Cleaner Wonderful Cleaner Cleans The House Without Water 1958 Vintage Antique Advertisement
  18. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    Wayne, I was in Poche's RV Park in 2016 to Make a Chapter Presentation. Really nice Park and the porch on the Rally Room has Rocking chairs that make it feel like your own front porch. Herman
  19. Ours is stored indoors. They don't run the ac, I think but i it gets real cold they have huge units on the ceiling to fire up. The building is large, so heat sink, in all the concrete and mhs keep it from getting below freezing, I think. I haven't discussed it with them latey. W don't have to savor the flavor of anti freeze for a few days when we first take it out either. Biggest advantage and necessity for us is protecting the whoe mh from the elements. At our age etc we are just not up to the task. No rodents or bugs neither, except a couple of spiders, who it seems hatch out of thin air. We could afford another boat on what it costs, but we have to protect the investment. If the market goes up, we have discussed building an insulated garage, with full hookups that would blend into the woods cove and lawn, aesthetically.
  20. First Time Buying New RV Tires

    Check out my post on the "New tires" thread.
  21. Trip from Hilton Head to CT

    I can attest to that. Herman talked me into the same route 2 years ago. Very scenic, but this 45 footer is in no hurry to that road again! I-81 is a good highway, but a lot of long hills and curves, in my Diesel I had no problems, your gasser is going to be slow on the long uphill's and probably be following a bunch of 18 wheelers most of the time! I would take I-95 to Richmond, then I-64 to I-81 to Conn. By the time you get 300 miles up the road, you'll not feel intimidated at all.
  22. New tires

    Don't forget to change out the rubber parts (gaskets & "O" rings etc) of your valves and related parts such as extension hoses when you get new tires. These rubber parts age out too but it is easy to forget their "age" as they are not marked. Changing when you change tires makes it easy to remember. large tire dealerships should be able to change the rubber without having to buy an entire new bolt in valves. Be sure to record the full DOT serial, including date portion, of each tire when you buy them and keep this info with other important papers. A lot easier to do when the dealer is mounting them. Before you leave the tire store ask if the dealer "registered" your ownership of the tires with the tire company. That way you can be notified if there is ever a tire recall. Here is a post on tire registration and why it is important.
  23. Whats Cooking, Who Is Where, Off The Subject & Memories

    Since we re cooking here, anyone remember how Grand Ma made sausage? Been 68 years or more but I still remember eating sausage made from ho dad killed day before. I still have not been able to purchase any sausage that remotely resembles her sausage. So we have an ancient grinder, and before we head out this year, I intend to try my hand at making some.
  24. Wash Wax All

    Is someone really washing their coach with Bonami? My Renntech 6.2 C63 AMG would refuse to start if I tired to wipe it clean. Baby is just a few ft away in the garage. I hope it isn't picking this us with all the electronics, no days. Might run away too if it saw me coming with dry wipes. After 7 years still gleams like polished glass. Coach would too if I was ten years younger, or had two ft longer arms. Maybe we need a wash,wax and shine professionals.
  25. Where is the "Cabin Fever" thread?

    Y'all makin' me drool. Stayed at the Freeport/Durham KOA in Maine. It is 6 miles from the L.L.Bean store. Left my wallet in the RV when we visited the store. It was a wise decision (NOT). Believe it or not we have some Chinese Buffet's around here that have craw bugs and they are spiced up real nice. For all you can eat, who cares about the size. Our cabin fever has us leaving on the 3rd, stopping in Beaux Bridges, at Poche's RV Park and Fish-n-Camp park, (Jim, you remember that place and it now has asphalt road in) then on to Gulfport, MS for a week, then Five Flags RV park in P'Cola FL for a couple weeks to visit friends. Alas, back home to cabin fever for a month or so, then on to New England and return...whenever.
  26. Trip from Hilton Head to CT

    rs, I to like to take the more scenic route when going to a new place. On our first trip to Perry in 2014 I decided to take Hwy 82 as far as we could from our home in Whitewright Texas. We can pickup 82 just 8 miles North. I had been on 82 many times across the bottom of Arkansas and into Greenville Mississippi. But not East from there. Through Mississippi we got to visit Tuscaloosa then Montgomery but the high lite was Tuskegee. The Tuskegee Airman Museum was a great inspiration. It was a one time trip. All of the roads through Mississippi were two lane with shoulders that were 18" max with drop offs. You had to be on your toes much more than normal. As I said one time trip that we wouldn't miss for the world, but will not do it again. Herman
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