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  1. Oak Plantation Campground

    Thanks, folks. Helpful responses.
  2. 30 AMP RV To House 110/120 Adapter

    I thank you all for your responses. It is so nice to hear from the wisdom of age and experience. Yes, I am rather old too, but not as experienced, LOL. Ours is a C class and intend to use it for TV and a place to sit while flooring being replaced in the house, then off to a campground in MN next week. Be well everyone, and enjoy the changing season. Doc Mike
  3. 30 AMP RV To House 110/120 Adapter

    Sorry if my initial question was argumentative or out of order. It wasn't meant as such. I appreciate and thank those that replied. Have an adapter and will check box for 20A circuit. Home is only five years old. Doc Mike
  4. Oak Plantation Campground

    Thanks, Aztec.
  5. 30 AMP RV To House 110/120 Adapter

    Thanks, Wolfe10.
  6. 30 AMP RV To House 110/120 Adapter

    Thanks desertdeals. Probably won't run anything more than the TV or electric hand tool(s).
  7. Oak Plantation Campground

    Has anyone any recommendations regarding OAK PLANTATION CAMPGROUND, near Charleston, SC? We are looking to spend about a week in the area when our grand daughter gets married next May, and her Fiance graduates from The Citadel. All recommendations are welcome. Thanks in advance. Doc Mike
  8. 30 AMP RV To House 110/120 Adapter

    Can I plug my Class C motorhome in to a 110/120 socket, with an adapter, to use it for several days to watch TV or do some work in it? I don't have 30 AMP at home, but do have extension cord and adapter from 30 AMP to house current. Thank in advance. Doc Mike
  9. Where do you winter in south TX? Near the gulf? At risk of being rude, how expensive is it there? We were in NW Florida this past winter and would like to go where it is warmer for the next winter. Have friends that rent condo at South Padre, but found KOA there a bit to $$$ for our budget. Open to suggestions. TIA,

    Doc Mike

    1. TBUTLER


      Hello Doc Mike,

      The park where we stay each winter is inland, on the north side of Edinburg.  We're about 80 miles from the Gulf.  There are plenty of parks in the Mission/McAllen/Edinburg area that are quite reasonable.  From there east you will find many parks. the total number of parks in the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) is near 100.  They vary in price and quality so you should be able to pick almost any price/quality range you want.  Some parks have no organized programs, others have an extensive set of activities planned in the park.  The communities in the area are quite receptive to "Winter Texans" as we bring an economic boon to the area. 

      Weather where we stay varies from year to year.  We've had very dry weather for several years then the 14-15 winter was wet and it stayed wet most of the summer of '15.  This winter the weather was dry and unusually warm.  We never had anything below freezing (3 to 5 days would be normal for a winter).  Our winter usually starts in December and the cold weather is rare after February.  In the RGV we call 50 degrees cold and the natives are wearing coats when the temperature is in the low 60's!

      Generally the cost of living in the RGV is very low.  You will find rates for parks much lower for extended stays than you would in other areas.  We have an annual contract on a lot for our mobile home and we are able to park our motor home on that lot as well.  We pay just over $3000 for the whole year.  An RV lot with an annual was about $2500 this year I believe.  You don't have to take an annual but doing so allows you to have a spot reserved for the coming year.  In the park where we stay, during peak times there will be only a few lots available, the peak being January - March.

      If you want a place to stay nearer the Gulf, Harlingen is about 40 minutes from South Padre Island, Port Isabel is just across the causeway from South Padre Island.  There are quality parks in Port Isabel, one park has slips for your boat at your site.  From there you have access to the Gulf of Mexico and also Laguna Madre which is the coastal waterway between South Padre Island and the mainland.  There is great fishing and kite surfing in the area.  The whole RGV is known for its rich variety of birds, butterflies and dragonflies.  There are many tropical species that are found no where else in the US.  There are many nature parks in the RGV if that is your interest.  There are golf courses and we play golf all winter long. 

      There are many resources for RV Parks in the RGV.  This is the link to RV Park Reviews which is one of my favorites.

  10. Best CG For Zion Bryce & Area

    We've stayed in one of the parks (I think it was Zion), and would suggest you check out staying in the National Parks. May not have sewer, but we had water and 30amp service, if I remember correctly. Had a wonderful time over several days.
  11. Snowbird To TX

    Looking for suggestions to visit TX in January-March. Have reservations in north west FL, but looking for warmer area, hope near the Gulf, but not South Padre Island (the KOA there is rather $$$$ for us). Would like to be near South Padre, if possible. TIA Doc Mike
  12. Induction Cook Tops

    My wife used the induction cook top for most of February. Bought a 3 quart pot w/lid, and a frying pan. She hadn't used the three burner, propane range in a number of years. Induction cooker seems to work very well. It is cooler in the house without the propane burners on, and the device is quite efficient. Also being used is the microwave and an electric frying pan. The frying pan was used much less since the induction cooker has been in use. The only downside that we notice is this: for some reason, and we suspect sound, our dog, a Springer Spaniel, starts to bark when the device is started. We suspect that it makes a sound that our ears cannot detect, but his can. The quality of the food, and the speed in which it is cooked is much faster than traditional methods. Glad that we bought it, and we're sure it will be used a great deal. Hope this info helps others. Doc Mike
  13. We need to know how to access the TV on our 2007 Itasca Spirit. It sits behind a wood frame in the area where many class C have an additional bed, and functions with assist from Winegard accessory device. Need to get to TV connections as cable doesn't function properly. Thanks in advance. Doc Mike
  14. Insurance Experience-- FMCA/Allied Insurance

    We are in our third year with Allied, no complaints. Good rates and allow for partial year coverage, I do believe. At this time don't have any reason to move. Just started third year, and check with other providers before renewal. Doc Mike
  15. Induction Cook Tops

    We are about one week in to the use of the NuWave Induction Cooktop, and also bought a 3qt, pan and a skillet (from two different sources), and my wife, who is our cook, is really liking it. We also have, and have used very often, a Presto electric skillet, a couple of inches deep. There is very little likleihood that the three burner propane range cooktop will be used again. She may want a larger pot and may also add a small size slow cooker (the one we have at home is too large for this little rig). I fully expect she'll use the induction cooktop in the house when we get back home. Thus far we call it a good buy. Will try to follow up after a few more months go by. Thanks again for the good input. Doc Mike