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    RVing of course as well as cruising. I love being on the water. The DW is into crafts as well as kniting and crocheting. We are both teachers and have 2 kids and 2 grandkids!
  1. Madison, WI FMCA Convention

    It's just the DW and I. She just retired and I am 2 years away. Then we start our full time adventure. "Adventure before Dementia " is the saying on our business cards! Dan
  2. Better to have it and stop shorter!!!!! Dan
  3. Madison, WI FMCA Convention

    Just registered for the Madison rally. This will be our first national rally-- we can't wait. Dan
  4. Northeast Rally July 17-21, 2014

    I just noticed this message. The turn out was good. My mistake-- it was a Chicago tribute band but they were very good. I can't make it this year as I will be in Madison, WI for the national convention. Looking forward to it. Dan
  5. Summer Trip Options

    Due to the fact that the week we were going to be at Mt Rushmore is also bike week that has been pulled off the agenda. Looks like we will head south instead. Probably St.Louis, Mo. then Kentucky and work our way back east. Dan
  6. Summer Trip Options

    We live in MA just outside of Cape Cod. Can't go any more East without hitting water! As far as what we like we are very different in our tastes so we enjoy many things. We have spent time at quilting museums ( DW loves them, although I truly admire the attention to detail ) to anything history related ( My cup of tea!). Both enjoy touring vineyards and wine tasting! Most Museums are also appreciated by both as well as nature trails. Dan
  7. Summer Trip Options

    So we are planning a 7-8 week trip this summer to celebrate our 40th anniversary. Some thoughts for our trip are: 1. The Finger Lakes of NY 2. Wern part of Ohio 3. Madison, WI. We are attending the national convention. 4. Mall of America 5. Mt Rushmore and the Bad Lands Any suggestions for campgrounds or things to see please post. We are open and the only thing definite is the national convention. Looking forward to all of your comments. Dan
  8. Campgrounds in Pigeon Forge

    Wed stayed at River Plantation last year. It was great. Dan
  9. Is There Going To Be A 2013 Northeast Rally?

    The Northeast Rally is back for 2014. July 17 - 21 in Essex Junction, Vt. Looking forward to it! Dan
  10. Tire Pressure Monitor

    I have a TST system and love it. Even if your car has one, you will not know if you have a flat if you are towing. The weight of the toad is so small compared to the rig by the time you know it damage is done. Also tires on a motorhome don't get flats they get blow outs. Once the presure is too low that the tire can't handle it .... bang! Get a system it is good piece of mind. Dan
  11. Northeast Rally July 17-21, 2014

    There will be a 2014 Northeast Rally in VT this July17 to July 21st. Entertainment Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. The Friday night entertainment is Chicago! Yes I will be there!!!!! Dan
  12. Just wanted to put it out there that the Northeast rally is back at Essex Jnt., Vermont this July 17th through the 21st. Entertainment Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Friday night is Chicago! I know I'll be there! Dan
  13. Ok, So Tell Me We Aren't Nuts!

    +2 You are not nuts! It takes a certain personality to enjoy this lifestyle. The DW has one more year till retiremant and I have 4 , but since we are both teachers we hit the road every summer fora 6-7 week roadtrip . LOVE IT and only wish I had started doing it earlier! Many happy miles and smiles to you. Dan
  14. NC to ME - 1st trip!

    Do not stay on 95 through New York city. Do the 287 loop AROUND THE CITY. YOU CAN PICK UP 95 AGAIN ON THE OTHER SIDE. Dan
  15. FMCA Coach-Net Benefit

    Herman, everybody wants something for nothing. OK, maybe that is not entirely true but some people are always looking for a free ride. I have enjoyed my membership to FMCA and after attending my first rally last year we had a blast. The DW and I ran the coffee/ donut breakfast piece and helped with the pancake breakfast and the hot dog social. . With the friends that we brought with us and the new ones we met it was great! A membership is a lot like pumping out your home septic system..... WHAT YOU GET OUT OF IT IS ENTIRELY DEPENDENT ON WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT!!!!! Hope everyone is ready for a great camping season. It's been a tough winter in the North East. Between the Blizzard and Hurricane Sandy we lost a lot of trees. Looking forward to some nice warm weather. Dan