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  1. Smart Car Four Down Towing

    Auto Trader has over 750 Smart Cars For Sale. 2009 and newer starting at $4995 up. Some really great deals. You will probably even find some with a tow system already hooked up. The dealers in our area have large discounts on them, even the 2015 models. Just have to do your due dilligence in your search. Good Luck.
  2. Honda Fit Transmission Failure

    I have a nice 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth for sale, which we bought to tow behind out Class B - Leisure Travel Van, but we had to sell the coach due to wife's health issues. They give you directions in the manual on how to flat tow. No problems.
  3. Be cautious about flat towing your Mini. I would check with your dealer or the manufacturer about towing it. I have heard they may not repair any transmission problems under your warranty if they see you are flat towing it. I believe I have seen other topics about the subject. Just for your information. We had a Mini with the same issue, except ours was a automatic, so it could not be flat towed anyway. We traded it in on a Fiat 500 Abarth, which has directions in the manual how to flat tow. SIMPLE.
  4. Towing Fiat 500

    As with any tow bracket attached to the front of a vehicle, there will be some modifications, which you could consider permanent, but not really noticeable other than the electrical receptacle. Recently talked to a a Fiat owner, who has had two different model Fiats. The POP model and the ABARTH model. Each one takes a different bracket due to the ABARTH is a turbo. He told me both tow beautifully without any modifications other than the bracket. They are standard shifts. (Fiat automatics cannot be flat towed.) Either one put in nuetral, leave ignition off remove key and go.
  5. Towing a Mini Cooper

    Do you have photos of your set up?
  6. Towing Fiat 500

    Anybody FLAT TOWING the Fiat Abarth?
  7. Towing a Mini Cooper

    Thank you for your help. We found our answer by attempting to load our Mini Cooper on a Demco Kaddy SS. It would NOT go up the ramp without scraping badly. Also, once loaded, the ramp was to close to the aero package behind the front wheels. One dip and it would have been toast. Therefore, we have a NEW 2012 Mini Cooper FOR SALE, which cannot be flat towed or dollied, but can be trailered. We do not want the trouble of a trailer, therefore we are getting the 2013 Fiat Abarth (standard shift) which can be flat towed per the FMCA Toad Edition. Thanks again, see you down the road.
  8. Towing a Mini Cooper

    Thank you for the input. According to Demco, our Mini should fit on their dolly according to the measurements I sent them. No guarantees if a dip is excessive. My question is our steering wheel does not lock. I have read on numerous statements to tow on a dolly, you have to have a locked steering wheel. Again any help will be appreciated. Our new 2013 LTV sleeping in it's storage waiting to see who it's toad will be.
  9. Towing a Mini Cooper

    We have traded in our Class A diesel pusher for a Class B, i.e. fuel prices. We towed four down for years, but we now own a 2012 Mini CVT (Automatic). We will now have to use a tow dolly, which researching all the web sites, it does not seem like a big deal, except which one brand to choose. The dilemma we have is our Mini has a Aero Kit, which makes the body lower to the ground. Our question is does anyone know if we will encounter the ramps hitting the Aero Kit or any other problems. The Mini we purchased was not my choice, but my wife loved it and who can say "NO" to the boss. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.