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    Service engine soon usually means it is time for oil change.
  2. Brake systems for a toad

    If you do not use it often you need to charge the Patriot for about 8 hours for it to work properly.No where in my manual does it tell you this.
  3. Brake systems for a toad

    I have a Patriot from Blue Ox works great!
  4. Steering Stabilizers For Motorhome

    I am thinking about a steering stabilizer for my 2000 Monaco Diplomat.Anyone had any experience with the Roadmaster RSSA? Looks a lot like SafeTPlus but a little cheaper .
  5. Brake Lights On When I Turn On Headlight Switch

    Up date on brake lights.After replacing both taillight sockets we found a wire hooked up wrong on 7 pin connector that was used for tow dolly brakes.after disconnecting that wire every thing worked fine . the sockets needed to be replaced anyway.Thank for all your input.
  6. Brake Lights On When I Turn On Headlight Switch

    Thanks Herman, I wondered if it could be a bad new bulb. I will recheck it . I thought I might put in a new 1157LL bulb, long life, thought it might be heavier duty, any thoughts?
  7. Brake Lights On When I Turn On Headlight Switch

    I will check the ground on the stop light socket next and yes i do have a owners manual that i will try to research if i can fiqure it out. Thanks for your input and i will post what i find out.
  8. Brake Lights On When I Turn On Headlight Switch

    I have replaced the bulbs and they are 1157
  9. I have a 2000 Monaco Diplomat with a brake light problem. Every thing works fine until i turn on the headlight switch and then the brake lights come on bright and do not work or get brighter when i press the brake petal. Turn off lights and every thing works fine again. Called Monaco and they said bad headlight switch so replaced with new one . Now my dash lights work better but still same problem with brake lights. Anyone had this problem or have any ideas?