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  1. Allison "High Voltage" Fault

    Maybe the alternator was not at fault-- was it tested? Is it built in regulator or remote regulator?
  2. Dead Starting Batteries

    I made a 18in jumper cable with 8 gauge wire that I hook up every couple of months when needed to charge starting battery's
  3. Common sense is not common non accidents are not reported Brakes on toad will stop in shorter distance no data required
  4. That will protect the over filling of tank but if check in pump bad it will still cycle just not as long so fix pump as well as adding extra check valve
  5. An other site I am on copys the post to the new location then locks the original with note where to find it so no one thinks their stuff is deleted
  6. Frozen LP Tank Leaking??

    In Canada they need to be tagged and rated at 350PSI for a rubber propane hose Only a few shops can make and certify hoses
  7. Frozen LP Tank Leaking??

    Make sure the shop making hoses can certify and tag the hoses with proper info It sounds like you donot have permanently installed tanks so needs to be re-certified
  8. Starting Problem

    It could be a crank or camshaft sensor You need a shop with the real analyser not just a code reader Also a good operator some are stupid
  9. Frozen LP Tank Leaking??

    Regulator should be set at 11 in WC 28 in WC = 1 PSI
  10. Frozen LP Tank Leaking??

    That is a temp chart to show expansion of liquid with temperature
  11. Prince George, BC To Washington State

    Hells gate, Hatcreek and Barkersville And there is lots of fuel up here. The scenery in the Frazer canyon is nice or if you are up to it with good engine brakes and know hills up through Whistler Pemberton and lillooet hilly and windy slow drive in a big rig.
  12. Furnace Performance

    You need to have the gas pressure checked and if 10 or 11 in WC then have taken apart and the orifice cleaned as bugs may have filled with mud
  13. Air Bags Replacement

    Go to the dollar store and buy bubble solution for kids works great for leak tests
  14. Atwood 8520 Furnace Won't Start

    Is this like newer house furnaces that will not start if proof of fan is closed before it starts as protection to the safety being jumped or shorted
  15. FMCA Roadside Assistance

    They all hire local contractors so you need to tell them what you weigh and how long your rig is