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  1. Hamming on the Road from KE3HAY

    I use mine out Jeeping VA7HYS
  2. Flat towing with motorhome

    The transfer case has to be in neutral and the trans in park or gear
  3. Furnaces cause lights to flicker

    Tighten and check all connections as you have a bad one or more Check power relay from battery's Test with shore power off so it is all house battery s
  4. Good Drive Tire

    I did not buy tires until I was going to use motorhome so from finding what I could use to needing them As age is important
  5. Good Drive Tire

    Contrary to some opinions I dug my motorhome out of the snow and installed Continental Hybrid HD3 with snow rating and they work great Will be heading to Moab in a week
  6. If they run a hose to safe location then put a heater on tank it will vent faster or if they can remove as liquid When you vent vapour it draws heat so the tank will ice up and propane is liquid a -42F you can put in a cup like water
  7. CO alarm need furnace in Perry

    If possible always get one that has a read out you will see it go up with a vehicle driving by or wind changing direction Have some one test exhaust on furnace should be zero to two PPM but allowed up to 200 which is not good bugs nest in the orifice and restrict gas so air to gas ratio too high which will cause high CO some times a good cleaning will fix
  8. Classified section

    On the Jeep site I belong to they do that so it does not get people adding to it with I can buy for half that or commenting with poor or no respect
  9. Classified section

    If they started a classified form with locked replies and only PM to writer it would help some and be easy to control with out problems
  10. Chassis Voltage

    I have a 99 Freightliner and the voltage was fluctuating I pulled alternator as I had bad diodes problem fixed
  11. Have the dealer write in sales agreement that they will make it good to tow and do what ever is needed
  12. Bonneville Speed Week

    If you park on salt find some one else to test for you-- some places are soft I saw a few motor homes and pu's stuck!
  13. House RV Plug-- 30 Amp

    Dryers for the last 45 years that I know of have been 4 wire all things in the unit are 115 volt so they split use the 220 with the neutral so they did not need a 60 amp 115 volt breaker and heavier wire
  14. Roads in Canada?

    Drove through Aug 2016 above the Great lakes there is a lot of two lane highway but other than longer than the south route was a nice drive as long as you are not in a rush
  15. Allison "High Voltage" Fault

    Maybe the alternator was not at fault-- was it tested? Is it built in regulator or remote regulator?