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  1. My Tow dolly, Demco Kar Kaddy SS has wonderful lighting, turn and brake. Is it still nessesary to have a light bar attached to vehicle, 2005 Prius, ?????
  2. Has anyone experienced the windshield separating from its rubber seal? 1994 Damon Challenger, 34 foot diesel pusher. I have an open gap at the lower corners of my windshields, about 6-8" in length and as much as 1/4 inch in width. It might have been from exposure to the heat experienced in Mexico? Not sure how to approach repairing it. Should I attempt it or go to a glass shop? If anyone has a recommendation of a good and reasonable glass shop in the Santa Rosa, CA area,or within 100 miles, please recommend. Don't know if windshield has to be completely removed or if there is a method for me to get things back in order without removal of glass?
  3. Banks Power Pack Kit

    General consensus, bad idea, Allison even chimed in. Now a follow up, without the additional torque and HP do you think I could still tow a 3500# toad? Oh, we are talking a Cummins B5.9L 190 HP pusher. Merry Christmas to All Thanks to all of you for your reply's!
  4. Banks Power Pack Kit

    Thanks Brett for the info and advice. Wife and I just got this RV and are new to the life. Motorhome needs some TLC which we have both been hard at it. Its a Damon Challenger 34 foot and we are having problems getting chassis wiring info etc. since Damon is no longer. I just got RV and Maintenance Book by Bob Livingston and hope it will help troubleshooting some issues we have. Again, thanks for your reply. Kent
  5. Banks Power Pack Kit

    Thanks for your reply! I have a 190 hp engine with a 4 speed Allison tranny. I think the toad weighs in at around 18,000#, Oshkosh chassis.
  6. Banks Power Pack Kit

    Any feed back on Banks Power Pack for a 1994 Cummins B5.9L engine. Is it worth the expense?