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  1. My Tow dolly, Demco Kar Kaddy SS has wonderful lighting, turn and brake. Is it still nessesary to have a light bar attached to vehicle, 2005 Prius, ?????
  2. Has anyone experienced the windshield separating from its rubber seal? 1994 Damon Challenger, 34 foot diesel pusher. I have an open gap at the lower corners of my windshields, about 6-8" in length and as much as 1/4 inch in width. It might have been from exposure to the heat experienced in Mexico? Not sure how to approach repairing it. Should I attempt it or go to a glass shop? If anyone has a recommendation of a good and reasonable glass shop in the Santa Rosa, CA area,or within 100 miles, please recommend. Don't know if windshield has to be completely removed or if there is a method for me to get things back in order without removal of glass?
  3. General consensus, bad idea, Allison even chimed in. Now a follow up, without the additional torque and HP do you think I could still tow a 3500# toad? Oh, we are talking a Cummins B5.9L 190 HP pusher. Merry Christmas to All Thanks to all of you for your reply's!
  4. Thanks Brett for the info and advice. Wife and I just got this RV and are new to the life. Motorhome needs some TLC which we have both been hard at it. Its a Damon Challenger 34 foot and we are having problems getting chassis wiring info etc. since Damon is no longer. I just got RV and Maintenance Book by Bob Livingston and hope it will help troubleshooting some issues we have. Again, thanks for your reply. Kent
  5. Thanks for your reply! I have a 190 hp engine with a 4 speed Allison tranny. I think the toad weighs in at around 18,000#, Oshkosh chassis.
  6. Any feed back on Banks Power Pack for a 1994 Cummins B5.9L engine. Is it worth the expense?