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  1. Dead Starting Batteries

    Carl, I only have one inverter/charger, I don't run the I/C in the charger mode when the chassis engine is charging the batteries. When driving down the road the I/C in on in the inverter mode providing power to residential and chassis engine alternator is charging both battery banks. When driving with generator running I have the I/C inverter and charger both OFF. If you are running three battery banks ( 2 coach & 1 chassis) you would need 2 of the smart solenoids. You would have to check with the I/C manufacturer to determine if you can run both I/C in the the charging modes at the time on battery banks that are in parallel. Jim
  2. Dead Starting Batteries

    Carl, I converted mine to work like Five's. It an easy conversion, you replace the solenoid that allows you jumper the coach bank to the chassis battery in an emergency. I will get the date sheet on the smart solenoid and post. Cost less than $100 and 10 minute job on my coach. Jim
  3. Atwood 8520 Furnace Won't Start

    Sounds like the thermocouple is not recognizing that burner has ignited. I would check that it is not just dirty also check for any loose wires. On most units the thermocouple and igniter are one unit. Jim
  4. Leveler Jack Leaking

    I have recently run across several applications where the zerk fittings were not threaded, they are easy to identify because they did not have flats for a wrench. I has the same thing happen on riding lawn mower and no luck keeping the press in zerks staying in place after they came out. Fortunately I was able to disassemble the steering link and was enlarge hole and tap threads to fit a zerk. Jim
  5. Slide Canopy / Water & Snow

    My brother-in-law has never had toppers on the slides on his Discovery MH. He lives in the Pacific NW and most of his travel is on the coast wit rain and wind, ha has never had any problem with water intrusion. His seals around the slide don't look any different than mine Even with the toppers on my rig the wind blows the rain and it accumulates on the top of my slides. I beginning having the toppers is like having both belts and suspenders. Jim
  6. Slide Canopy / Water & Snow

    My owners manual states that the coach is not intended for use when the temperature drops below 32 degrees for extended periods. Guess me all try extend our free time. Jim
  7. Slide Canopy / Water & Snow

    I just thought of a good solution to prevent the canopy from sagging. Place an inflatable float like you use to float on in a swimming pool, they are cheap and easy to store. Jim
  8. Slide Canopy / Water & Snow

    We were in our MH over Christmas had about 4" of snow and it melted and froze overnight on all four slides. Fortunately it warmed up and it started to melt and I was able to remove the slabs of ice. . . . Not sure there is much you can do to prevent heavy wet snow from causing the canopy from sagging and collecting. I don't believe you can put enough tension to the roller to prevent it from sagging. Mine also catch rain water that causes the canopies to sag, I always dump the water before retracting slides by either raising or lowering one end of the coach with the levelers before closing the slides. Jim
  9. We used our previous motor home to go snowmobiling and spend many enjoyable trips where the temperature was below freezing for days. Since we were boondocking I kept my water system winterized and filled gallon jugs for potable water and used RV antifreeze to flush toilet. Never had a problem with anything freezing. Jim
  10. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    My previous post is incorrect, when trouble shooting I found that the thermostat (snap switch) is in the control circuit not the power circuit. The control circuit is protected by a 5 A fusible wire, the power circuit in protected by 30 A auto reset circuit breaker. Heater and controls are 12 V DC. Jim
  11. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    Puff, Did you take route 13 down the eastern shore of VA? I was born in Nassawadox, VA, still have cousins back there. I had facebook message this AM from one of them and they has snow. Drive safe, 54 degrees today in Cathlamet. JIm
  12. Engine Coolant Level Alarm

    Ever since owning (6 years) my 2004 HR Endeavor with Cummins ISC 8.3 I frequently get an audible alarm with no idiot light. I have studied the wiring schematic and I have determined that the only abnormal conditions that triggers an audible without the illumination of an idiot light is LOW COOLANT LEVEL. I have checked the coolant level many times and it is always in the normal range. I have removed the sensing probe from the coolant tank and found to be clean and no signs of damage, checked with OHM meter and get infinity reading. I contacted HR technical support requesting advice, there recommendation was to check control module (black box) that is associated with the coolant alarm circuit. They provided me with a picture of the module but there were unable to provide me with where it was located. The nuisance alarm doesn't bother me , because I can't hear it. My DW tells me that it drives her crazy and it's time for me to fix it and if I could hear it I would have spent more time to find the problem. I think after 6 years it has finally reached to top of my honey do list. Any help would be appreciated. Jim
  13. Engine Coolant Level Alarm

    My low air pressure has a dedicated audible alarm, it will wakeup the dead. It no way that you can ignore it. JIm
  14. Engine Coolant Level Alarm

    Do you know what conditions initiate the STOP ENGINE lamp? My manual just say stop and check fluid levels. When I was trouble shooting the oil pressure switch I initiated the STOP ENGINE, there must be a small time delay before the STOP ENGINE annunciator window illuminates. I have spent my entire career in hydro electric power plants, I am no stranger to nuisance alarms. It sure is difficult to identify problems that are intermittent. Jim
  15. Engine Coolant Level Alarm

    There are two separate elements in the sending unit, one on the audible alarm circuit, it's just a contact that is open when the oil pressure is above 7 PSI, when the pressure drops below this value the contact closes and complete the circuit to activates the audible alarm. The circuit for the oil pressure gauge is variable resistor that is proportional to the oil pressure. In my case only the audible alarm circuit failed, the oil pressure gauge continued to perform normally. Jim
  16. Engine Coolant Level Alarm

    There are 4 conditions that trigger the audible alarm Low Oil Pressure, over temperature, alternator and low coolant level, the low oil pressure, over temperature and alternator also have idiot lights. Based on the fact that the oil pressure, temperature all showed normal on instruments and no idiot lights therefore I assumed that the problem must have been coolant level. My electrical schematic show an idiot lamp for the low coolant level but mine isn't equipped with it oil pressure switch has tow post, one provides signal to idiot lamp (less than 7 psi) and the other provide signal to oil pressure gauge. Jim
  17. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    Bay heater is now working, found loose/corroded connect on snap action thermostat that is mounted on bulkhead in water compartment. The thermostat operating temperatures are: Heater on 40 F off 50 F per data found in owners manual. Jim
  18. Engine Coolant Level Alarm

    At last the gremlin was found. The oil pressure switch was bad. In search for replacement switch found pricing from on line RV supplier to be a rip off (over $150). Was unable to cross reference from numbers on failed switch or parts number referenced in owners manual. Contacted HR tech support and they were able to identify part as VDO 360-023B. Found part on line for $39.95, total cost $52 with tax and freight. Really pays to shop around. Jim
  19. Engine Coolant Level Alarm

    If it wasn't for these gremlins we would have nothing to do during these cold wet days in the Pacific Northwest. Jim
  20. Engine Coolant Level Alarm

    It would be a lot easier to troubleshoot the problem is the audible would stay on. The problem is intermittent. We were on the road for three weeks in September and only occurred a few time and newer for an extended period. We drove a 200 mile round trip on Christmas and the alarm was on the majority of the time. There are multiple inputs to the same audible device each one of them have a blocking diode to prevent a back feed to each initiating device. After further studying of the schematic I did discover that LOW COOLANT also had an idiot light, so I am now looking at all six circuits that initiate the same audible device. The LOW COOLANT lamp doesn't illuminate when starting the engine so I'm going to start by replacing that lamp and will them go from there if that doesn't solve the problem. Jim
  21. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    It need to be rated for 25 amps 12 volt Jim
  22. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    I believe that my thermostat closed at around 34 and opened around 38 Jim
  23. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    Mine has three wires coming thru the wall + red -black. and white that turns red lamp on in coach to indicated heater is on. Jim
  24. Our Holiday Travel Misadventure-- So Far

    Huff, My freeze protection heater doesn't work either. My coach is a HR Endeavor 04 I can turn the heater to activate it but the red light never indicates when the thermostat calls for heat. I removed the heater and I found the printed circuit unit board has failed. I bypassed the PC board and made it work manually. My heater is 12 v, 300 watts. The brand is CARGO BAY, no parts, no longer in production. Jim
  25. Batteries?? Electrical System Problem

    In most cases you will get more capacity with four six volt batteries connected in the series/parallel configuration. The individual six volt batteries are easier to handle than twelve volts batteries would be . Jim