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  1. Pet Discrimination

    I don't have a problem with any dog at the campgrounds. I have problems with the owners that think the leash law doesn't apply to their dog.
  2. Portable Soft Water Units

    I travel the southwest often and find that the water tends toward the hard side. I prefer to use a water softener to minimize mineral buildup in the water lines (and it feels nice in the shower, too!)
  3. Tech Connect+ thoughts

    Looking at the map coverage, there's an awful lot of white (no coverage) out west. Since most of my time is spent in the west, particularly Oregon coast, Oregon central, Idaho, Nevada, it doesn't look enticing. Lack of coverage is one of the reasons that I never considered Sprint as a viable competitor for my business.
  4. Motorhome Financing

    Agree with Rewillia ... the buyer's financial situation will have significant impact on the lender's decision to place a loan on an older motorhome. While the 10 year threshold does exist, it's not an ironclad NO in every situation.
  5. Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

    Have 2, neither one affected by the recall. However, they are past their usable life and I'm going to replace them. They're just not that expensive to neglect them.
  6. Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

    Thanks. Will be checking on mine shortly!
  7. Yes, multiple extension and/or riser/drop attachments are NOT recommended. Roadmaster is adamant about that. If possible, I believe that drilling new holes in the receiver is the better option. Edit: I was just looking at Roadmaster towbar manual for another reason and saw this ... • Do not drill a second hole in the shank of any tow bar or hitch accessory. If the hole in the shank does not align to the hole in the hitch receiver: 1) purchase a hitch a c c e s s o r y o f the appropriate length; or 2) call ROADMASTER technical support. D r i l l i n g a second hole will weaken the steel. The shank may break during towing, which will cause the towed vehicle to separate. That was applying to the shank of the tow bar and does not address the issue of using a riser or extension in addition to the tow bar. It also doesn't say anything about the receiver itself. Carl
  8. Volvo XC SUV FWD

    Not sure what model you have, but my XC90 cannot be towed 4 down or on a dolly. Mine is AWD. I suggest going to Remco website and inputting your automobile data. They will tell you what is needed to tow the vehicle (or that it cannot be towed).
  9. Tire Pressure Monitors

    I also use Pressure Pro wired into my Silverleaf system and am very pleased with Pressure Pro. On my prior coach, I used TireMinder A1A. I still have that sitting on a shelf. It worked OK, but I did get several high pressure alarms before I figured out the best way to set it up.
  10. Thoughts On Thor Tuscany

    Thor also owns Entregra now. Newmar is still Newmar.
  11. Recommendation For State To Title A New Country Coach

    Winnebago owns CC property rights. They have not produced a CC to date and there aren't current plans to do so (made public, anyway). There has been ONE Country Coach produced since the 2010 and that was a 2017 special production for the then owner of Country Coach.
  12. Black Tire Shade Can Be OK

    I have the Magne Shade tire covers for my coach. Love them. Easier to install than the others I've used...and they look better, too. Fair warning: they're not cheap.
  13. Tire Air Pumps

    The ViAir is a great unit. ViAir on Amazon

    Diesel in Medford Or was $2.75 at Pilot and $2.99 at the Chevron right next door (both cash prices). All other prices within 2 miles averaged about $2.89 according to Gas Buddy. It's definitely a regional thing.
  15. Best GPS Router Garmin or Rand McNally

    I have a Garmin. When I bought the current coach, it came with a Rand McNally. After a few trips, I swapped out the RM and put in the Garmin and sold the RM. I just prefer the Garmin. That said, the wife still navigates using her phone and Google. The problem with Google is that it doesn't take into account low bridges and poor routes for large coaches and trucks.