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  1. Diesel Smell In Bedroom

    They have stepped up and gave me a whole bunch off the final engine rebuild cost. I think I have done okay but if I have to put new carpet and a new mattress then I will be on the loosing side. I hope I don't have to replace it all!
  2. Diesel Smell In Bedroom

    Hi, I recently had an In-Frame engine rebuild (new pistons) work done on my Discovery's Cummins engine. After the work was completed the carpet in the bedroom was covered in grease and diesel. I have had it professionally cleaned but I still get a strong smell of diesel as soon as I step into the bedroom. I think what happened was that when they first fired up the engine there was a fuel leak that sprayed diesel all over everything. I think it also might have got onto the bottom of the mattress. Anyway; my questions is does anyone know of a cure for that horrible diesel fuel small in the bedroom so I can get some better sleep? I have tried the air freshener sprays and they only work for a few hours at best then the diesel fuel small is back. Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Squire Dude
  3. Used Car For Flat-towing For Under $5k

    Thanks again to all who and contributed possible solutions to my problem. Because of cost and it actually looks nice I am favoring the Honda CRV. My question now is to "flat tow" do you suggest... Manual? Automatic? AWD? I don't have a preference and of course manual is not an issue for me. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and suggestions.
  4. Used Car For Flat-towing For Under $5k

    I would like to thank everyone who has chimed in and give me lots of really good suggestions. Now that I have a list of vehicles I can sell my current car (2005 Mini Cooper S Convertible, tows well but has very low ground clearance on the hitch). My previous toad was a 1991 Mazda Miata and I never knew it was there as it was so light! Got rid of it as I was getting a bit to heavy (fat) to get in and out of it! :-) Great toad car though for the younger or more agile set. Thanks again to everyone for your contributions
  5. Used Car For Flat-towing For Under $5k

    Thanks to everyone who has made suggestions. I really appreciate the assistance. I like the Honda CRV suggestions, will check into that more. KayPSmith - What year is your Geo Tracker? Chevy HHR - not even thought of that as a possibility... interesting, thanks. I have checked out the FMCA toad listings, the problem is that I only found recommendations for that year. Using their prior year listings I still have to do a lot of research on price etc. Mostly that listing of r those who can afford a new toad ever couple of year. Sorry not in my budget anymore! Again thank to everyone and keep them coming. I'll let you all know what I settle on in the end.
  6. Hi folks, I am single living on my SSD and now a new full-timer in my '97 Discover R36, although I've been RVing for 4+ years, and lived on my sail boat for 20+ years before that! Actually I like the small space where everything has its place and a place for everything. My issue is that now I am full time I don't think the 2005 Mini Cooper S Convertible I am currently towing is the best vehicle for the job. I need something that I can replace it with that is more functional, better mileage, cheaper to repair. Selling the Mimi should not be a problem, I hope! But what to buy? I checked into Jeeps (Wrangler, Cherokee), but they are expensive and get low mileage. I know my budget is smaller than most, but I think it is doable and when all is said and done that's it... $4K for the car $1k for any repairs (there's always something that needs fixing) $1k for Blue-Ox base plate (parts & labor). Searching for a used car is not much of a problem... but researching if it can be flat towed IS a long process. Can anyone suggest a car that can be flat-towed (Blue-Ox) for about $4k? Thanks in advance to everyone for the assistance.
  7. I just purchased a new laptop with the intent of using it for my navigation while driving my RV. The problem is that the laptop came with a Microsoft Simulated GPS driver not a real GPS chip. Hence it will only function for turn by turn navigation when connected to the Internet... not a function I have while driving! Has anyone found a setup that will rub on a Windows 10 laptop with an external GPS, via USB connection? (Which GPS are you using?) Then will it work with Windows 10 MAPS app? OR What mapping or navigation software do you use?
  8. Extended Service Warranty

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else had any experience with Nationwide Warrantees? It seemed like a great deal at first well of course "if it look too good... it's NOT!" When trying to make a claim last month I have found them to be arrogant, nasty, and totally unhelpful to their customers. I started the policy in November of last year with no claims till now and a couple of thousand dollars in payments to them. Last year I decided to look for a now extended warrantee for my 1997 Discovery 36RS coach. Nationwide offered 4 years for the price of 3. Well to cut along story short I tried to make a claim for my fridge and not only was it denied but with very nasty conversations and voice mail messages from them. They treated my like dirt and basically told me we don't care about you and we are not going to honor our contract. When I tried to contact them again, it took 3 emails and 2 phone calls I was fed up so I said CANCEL my policy and give me a refund. I was told it had to be in writing, which I did immediately. Another nasty email from a supervisor who told me to go jump in a lake and they are NOT going to give me any portion of my money back. A warning to anyone out there looking for an Extended Service Warrantee... do NOT use Nationwide Warrantee as they are a rip off... I am still fighting to get my money back. Keep smiling Phill
  9. Extended Service/Warranty

    Hi, It is time to renew my Extended Service Contract or Warranty as it is sometimes known. I previously had Good Sam's and in making a claim I had all sorts of issues and if it were not for a persistent mechanic it would have cost me thousands. (i.e. we were told to go to Walmart to get oil and filters!) I have investigated a couple of other companies and would like to know if anyone has had any experience with Nationwide Auto Warranties of Litchfield Park , AZ? I have an 97 Discovery 36RS with 65K on the clock. The basic policy is 48 months or 48K miles for $3800 (including tire and wheels). I will not go into the details but is read well on all areas to me. Good or bad? Thanks Phill