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  1. I have an electric or gas, or both, hot water heater, but normally run it on electricity since we rarely boondocks. Is it better for the water heater (less wear and tear) to turn it off when not being used or needed, or to leave it on all the time? Thanks.
  2. My wife and I are both on traditional Medicare, with supplemental AARP UnitedHealthcare Part B and Part D. We will be in Canada four months this summer (2017). Would appreciate any views regarding foreign medical insurance for such an extended stay in Canada.
  3. Motorhome Air Compressor

    The air compressor on my 2011 Allegro Open Road RED struggles to air the tires up above 95 PSI--maximum 100 PSI--even though both air pressure gauges show pressure in excess of 137 pounds. My RV tech says this is normal; that I'll have to go to a truck stop to find an air compressor with the capacity to air above that. Any differing thoughts?
  4. Fibreglass Roof Treatment

    Thanks. Any suggestions as far as brand for a cleaner/sealant?
  5. Fibreglass Roof Treatment

    My 2011 Allegro Open Road RED fibreglass roof is oxidized (chalky to the touch). Is there a preferred method of cleaning and resealing a fibreglass motorhome roof? A preferred sealant/wax brand?
  6. Slide Topper Collects Rain Water

    Thanks to all.
  7. Slide Topper Collects Rain Water

    The topper on the 20 foot slide on my 2011 Allegro Open Road RED fills with water during rain, and sags badly (it doesn't run off until the slide is retracted). The other three slides (all shorter) are taut enough to shed the rain water. Is this a common issue, or does my topper need replacement?
  8. LP, DEF Levels for Motorhome Storage

    Thanks for the info, folks. Does the level of DEF in DEF tank matter in storage?
  9. I store my 2011 Allegro Open Road RED in Central Florida for six months during late Fall/Winter/early Spring. I know the diesel fuel tank should be stored full. What about the DEF tank and the LP gas tank? Does it matter if they are full? I take the motorhome out for an hour or so spin once a month, and run the generator with the air conditioners on at the same time. Is a fungicide necessary in the diesel fuel tank?
  10. Inverter/Charging House Batteries

    This is a picture of my inverter right after starting the generator to recharge my house batteries, and both the air conditioners on, in my 2011 Allegro Open Road RED. Generator is 8,000 watt, and inverter is a new (replacement) 2,500 watt. Can someone interpret what the inverter read-out screen means, please?
  11. Water Pump Issue

    Regarding my 2011 Allegro Open Road RED-- Water pump worked fine this morning. Stopped for lunch, and it wouldn't work--none of the three rocker-type "red" light pump switches will turn on. The pump motor doesn't run, even if the switches are held in the on position. Oddly, the pump switch red light on-indicators glow faintly, both on and off city water, but go off for about a minute when a water outlet is opened (faucets or toilet)? Any thoughts?
  12. RV Park Shore Power

    My coach is 50 AMP. Staying at a park site that has both 30 AMP and 50 AMP breakers, but only a 30 AMP receptacle. Manager assures me the 50 AMP breaker delivers 50 AMP service to the 30 AMP receptacle, and there's no problem in doing that using a 50/30 dogbone. Not knowing squat about electrical matters, and being a do no harm kind of guy, I'm just using the 30 AMP, but am curious, is he right?
  13. Air Conditioning Drain?

    Thanks, Manholt and mjrij. It is the overflow for water tank. Both my front and rear A/C units must drain to rear. ?
  14. Regarding a 2011 Allegro Open Road RED. Most of the time, I have water dripping at the rear of the coach on the passenger side when the air conditioners are running. But once in a while, significant amounts of water drip from a drain at mid-coach on the passenger side. Is that also an air conditioner drain? The mid-coach drain is obviously a water drain of some sort because it has a rubber self-closing "taco" on the end of it. Any thoughts?
  15. Tiffin Allegro Open Road RED

    Appreciate all the info. I am in Soldotna, Alaska. Working on repair options now. Thanks all.