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  1. Change Your Own Oil

    I purchased a "new to me" 2007 Newmar MADP about a month ago. Like many others in this thread, I've maintained my own vehicles ever since I've had vehicles. I've done the fuel filter, coolant filter and an oil change with filter thus far. I added a fumoto valve for the oil and other than the volume of oil, it is no different than any other oil change. Next on my list is hydraulic fluid and filter. I intend to get all fluids and filters changed so that I know when everything was last done. Whether or not I choose to continue doing all of the maintenance in the future, I will be very knowledgeable from the experience.
  2. Used Motorhome Down The Road

    Roland, My opinion is clearly biased as my research led me to a 2007 Newmar MAPD. That being said, one of the main drivers for me was the differences in sidewall construction. Newmar is one of the few brands that do not use laminated sidewalls. A leak in a coach that has laminated sidewalls can end up being really expensive if delamination occurs.
  3. Used Motorhome Down The Road

    You should check out the 4528 floor plan. It is a split bath and a half. The full bath is behind the bedroom, half bath between the kitchen and bedroom. The Essex has the identical floor plan in a 4508. I decided against the Essex because of the Eplex system which is dated and will require updating.
  4. Used Motorhome Down The Road

    My coach is a 2007 and does not have a DPF, chassis may well have been produced in 2006. It is built on a Spartan K2, Cummins ISM 450 that is software upgradeable to 500 with 1550 lb ft of torque also has comfort steer. Based on my research and my needs, 2007 was the absolute sweet spot. The 2008's have frameless windows, but that is about the only difference besides less depreciation. Mine was a private sale, I had the coach in dependently inspected.
  5. Michelin Tire Program

    I just did tires on my coach, went with Michelins. The installing dealer will give you their per tire cost for mount, balance, valve stems and disposal. Michelin or Continental tire prices can be found here:
  6. Used Motorhome Down The Road

    Roland, I just purchased a 2007 Mountain Aire 4528. Make sure you look at the engine, chassis and transmission changes between 2006 and 2007. 2007 was an upgrade year and comfort drive was also introduced.