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  1. First Timer

    Hello to Everone. Recently took delivery of a 2017 Winnebago Forza 34T. Our first foray into RV life. We will be following my son and the grandkids across the country this Summer. We have a lot to learn and are eager to do so. Experiencing some issues with the push button shifter, but i am sure they will get resolved soon. John
  2. Allison Transmission Service Light

    Hmmmmm. Thanks. Will be back on the phone tomorrow.
  3. Allison Transmission Service Light

    Freightliner says you need to shift from R to N and then D. You cannot go from R to D or D to R without passing through N.
  4. Allison Transmission Service Light

    Brand New 2017 Winnebago Forza 34T. Freightliner Chassis with Allison 2100MH transmission. Occasionally when shifting the Service Light on the pad flashes and I cannot shift. I have reset with the codes, but still a mystery as to why it would come on in the first place? Any thoughts/Help? Thanks