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  1. Thanks Rich that would be great, I have a pretty fast internet so shouldn't be a problem. I figured out the emergency brake system was controlled by a switch on the brake pedal underneath the coach, I cleaned the terminals and managed to get that working, still have no brake lights though, it's coming bit by bit so a manual on the chassis would come in handy. Here is my email address Thanks, Steve
  2. Yes this system has the power steering driven by a hydraulic pump off the engine, it also supplies the boost for the brake system, that part of it is working it's the emergency part which is not working and that is driven by an electric motor. I'm sure it's a relay or fuse somewhere which has failed or is stuck, just have to find out where the sucker is there are miles of wire in this thing. Steve
  3. This coach is built on an Oshkosh chassis, and it is a hydroboost system, I'm thinking I might jump a hot wire to the boost motor to see if in fact it works then go from there. It's almost like the whole electrical system to the brakes is out as there are no brake lights as well. We don't leave on the trip till 1st week in Sept. so I have time to track it down.
  4. Yup thanks, one thing down, now to track down the backup brake motor so I can put in on the road. I don't think it would be wise to drive it without the backup system working. thanks, Steve
  5. Hi Rich, got the signals working and emergency flashers working was a stuck flasher, things don't like to sit. Thanks for the help, Steve
  6. Hi there, we have a Safari motorhome which we are planning to take across Canada then down and across the US. I've done all 4 wheel discs replacing everything, hoses ,belts the usual things which may go, we haven't driven this rig for about a year and unfortunately the brake backup system is not functioning as well as the brake lights. Has anyone any ideas as to if there is a relay or fuse which controls this circuit? I haven't been able to find any schematics on this coach as Monaco seemed to get rid of all of the Safari info when they took over. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve