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  1. Sway VS Body Roll

    Thank you for the info I installed sway bushings not poly will do that will be under for shocks anyway.
  2. Sway VS Body Roll

    The bags are at 90psi-tires 85psi- shocks may be original unit one owner have paperwork from day1 no shock replacement indicated they are bilstein
  3. Sway VS Body Roll

    I have a 1998 Safari Trek with a p-30 chassis. The body moves back and forth side to side like a boat, I installed sway bar bushings did not seem to make a difference. Could shocks be the problem? air bags? What is the difference between sway and body roll? Same condition different terms?
  4. Convection/Microwave Ovens

  5. Window Seal

    I am missing part of the window seal/guide on one of the sliding windows, I don't know what this part is called or where to buy some of this material. Included a picture
  6. Surface Rust On Chassis Components

    This product or similar may be what you are looking for. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014LR5PA2?psc=1
  7. Difference In Ride-- Load Range G vs H

    Unit is small 30' runs 19.5
  8. Difference In Ride-- Load Range G vs H

    You are the tire expert is it considered good practice to travel at 70 mph for long periods on "L" rated tires
  9. Difference In Ride-- Load Range G vs H

    Tires on my SRT-6 were Z rated 149 mph rarely over 130 MH slow 55-62.3 if you run high 70s you need P or Q rating
  10. Difference In Ride-- Load Range G vs H

    Is the letter designation a speed rating my tires are 123/125 weight m rated 81 mph J 62 mph am I mistaken
  11. Yellowing Fiberglass Shower Surround

    Thanks bud that is very productive
  12. I have a 1998 TREK by Safari and as with older units I looked at before buying this one toilets and showers yellow with time. Toilets can be changed easily. Showers are a more difficult problem. Does anyone know how to restore the shower surround?
  13. Beware of KOA Cedar City, Utah

    How do I check power pedestal with multimeter?
  14. Do you have a switch that will change to house batteries for starting? I don't want to sound snide but you know there are 2 sets of batteries. I am also on our first RV these motor homes are set up in ways I was not familiar with. is there power to the red feed to the fuse panel.
  15. Best GPS Router Garmin or Rand McNally

    Do any of these programs have clearance indicators I drove a truck for 3 yrs "(05/08)none of the GPS had clearance markers I had a map book with a list of all low clearance spots in the US and CAD the routes had bridge max weights. My TREK 12' and 16000lb so not a big problem for me. Some bus conversions and custom RVs' could get capped on clearance under 13'6" i