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  1. The Princess phone works with the wireless home phone plugs in like it would to a land line, Internet is additional cost wifi hotspot device . I had the At&T guy here to install DirectTV his cell was having problems with service,but the Homebase worked fine. I kept a princess phone around so that when we had a power outage, something that happens regularly here, I would still have phone service the princess phone got its power from the phone line. Like many people we no longer have a land line, and no longer pay their crazy high long distance charges. I believe Walmart has a wireless home phone on Verizon for $10. AT&T share holders must have loved your dad I think the Princess was the best selling phone of its day put a 50'cord and off you go,no need for a cradle.
  2. Jerry, I don't know if you are just fond of your Ford,but after all that trouble I am thinking I would trade for a "Pop and go" any number of Jeeps, small pickups or a small Land Rover. Pop the trans and TC in "N" and on your merry way.
  3. We have a home base device from AT&T it is a wireless phone with wireless Internet. The cost is $60 monthly for unlimited phone calls and 250G of 4G Internet we get an additional 200G because we have Direct TV normally I think the Internet is 50G for $40. The home base can go with you when you travel. My son was between cell providers and attached a princess phone to the base and took it with him in his car.
  4. It seem to me there far too many people that complain about their privacy can not wait to tell the world every time they take care of there own personal hygiene. My fathers' advice when it came to that was "Loose lips sink ships" Some one sank our ship.
  5. I found my Safari trek on https://www.rvtrader.com Do you know about http://www.trektraxs.com they have a safari market place and everybody owns a Safari of some kind.
  6. Coach step was taken over by this company there is a dealer contact on the web site https://www.lci1.com
  7. I bought a 1998 safari Trek 2830 the previous owner had 225/70R/19.5 Dynatrac ST995 AP RIB tires in aug 16 anyone know anything about these tires.
  8. What is the reason for the different pressure in different positions
  9. Does the inverter need to be reset when it is turned back on?The step switch is the step light switch. Turn the light on and it turns the step off.So I can leave the step extended while it is parked, a position it will be in until I find the reason for the gas smell when starting and the miss after it starts.The ignition overrides the step when turned to start.
  10. The unit is a 1998 Safari Trek 2830 with a Chevy P-30 chassis. I discovered (or was told)) don't remember, that the inverter has an on/off switch, after turning the switch off the switch in the kitchen worked and I turned the power off. I also turned the switch in the entry step area and have had no battery drain since.I understand there is a disconnect somewhere for the step so it can be shutoff while parked, so it doesn't need to cycle every time the door is opened or closed,haven't located it yet.
  11. If you have the paper work that came with the step it will show where to lube and what to use, when the chassis is serviced ask the shop to service the step. unless you want to see the underside of your unit.I am kind of hands on.
  12. When was the last it was serviced?
  13. What city would that meeting be located