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  1. Inverter On While In Storage Using 120 VAC

    Thanks to all. This gives me some reassurance that leaving the inverter on long term is not detrimental. My coach is stored 50 miles away & I can only get there to check voltage about once a month. Checking voltage on both battery banks will be on my agenda.
  2. I have an Allegro Bus with a Xantrex 458 inverter in storage for the winter. This is our first RV to own and the first winter in storage (indoors). I have shore power to 120 vac and using the inverter/charger to charge the house and chasis batteries. I have read a lot of comments & opinions on this forum and I'm still not certain leaving the inverter on long term is a good idea. One thing I'm not quite certain about is if the inverter is actually charging the chasis battery. Any guidance will be appreciated.
  3. Setting Inverter

    Thanks to all for the replies. Our coach is a Tiffin Allegro Bus w/Cat 3126B engine. The inverter is a Xantrex Freedom 458 inverter/charger. I cleaned all terminals and filled the wet cells to proper level just before storage. I plan to check the voltage and/or run the generator once a month so long as I can get access to my coach. I'm not sure if I have the temperature sensor probe on my inverter, I will check that out on my next trip to the storage.
  4. Setting Inverter

    I am new to the RV world and forum. We purchased our first coach this fall and I'm trying to learn all I can about battery charging issues. We are in Michigan and the coach is stored indoors (unheated) for the winter. The batteries were fully charged when I stored it & I'm contemplating leaving the coach plugged into 115v AC with a timer set at 3 or 4 hrs a day for battery charging. The battery disconnect switch is turned off to prevent battery drain. Is this advisable? We are not into daily freezing temps yet but I'm hoping the above method will prevent freezing and keep the batteries charged. Any insight from members will be greatly appreciated. Ken