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25 April 2016     19:00

On the post from "Connitaylor" about the Coach House type-B (I am guessing that refers to the "Arriva" model I saw at the SEA Rally in Sarasota"), my interest was piqued in the split rear bathroom, preserving the opening rear doors.  I've always preferred a rear bathroom in a type-B coach, for spreading the interior space out in the middle of the coach (where most type-B coach bathrooms are installed), and the accessible rear doors offer one more emergency exit -- just in case.

BTW, I have just finished registering for the West Springfield convention, where I will be teaching three seminars: Designing & Publishing Your Own Web Site, Macintosh OS X Tips & Tricks, and a new "Understanding & Managing Windows 10" seminar.

"Happy Cybercamping", one and all!

Michael Canode, F13059S / NZMCA #19250

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