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I'm looking to replace the six 235/80R22.5 XRV tires on our motorhome. The dealer I just contacted in New York said they aren't currently available. Is anyone else having luck finding these tires?

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I had that problem a year or so ago. Could not find Michelin XRV or just RV tires for my size. I decided to go with TOYO and they were available.  I could have waited several months but we wanted to get on our 4-5 month escapade. No regrets.

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    I know people are high on the Toyo’s and Michelin for good reason but I went with the Continentals thru FMCA.  Purchased thru Conti dealer - Southern Tire Mart in Deer Park.  They went out of their way to find six new 10R22.5 from different stores.  Paid $50 per tire for M&B. NO SHIPPING CHARGE.  I’ve had Conti’s on a Cycle, Car & SUV and felt they were just as good as my Michelins or Bridgestones.  My MH’s tires were over 12 yrs old and I couldn’t go over 65.  Now it’s smooth and confidant at 75.  I had a couple of different reasons for choosing them:

> Continental’s are made right here in USA in a 2yr old manufacturing facility.  Toyo’s are made in Japan, Michelins mainly Brazil.

> Application specific – The HSR2’s are made for All Position, Regional, On/Off road hauling, People and Goods service.  Not a trucking tire.

> SR2 compete with Michelin XZE2, Goodyears-G661HSA and Bridgestone-R250F.  Actually wanted the Coach HA3 which is the same as Mich XRV or G670 RV, but not in my size.

> More line up to choose from specific to your needs.  Being 3 times the size of Toyo and slightly behind Goodyear, as German based I believe Conti’s designs are better in line with commercial usage since they can spend more money for research for demanding and extensive European standards.

> Europe requires that all tires are tested for Fuel economy, Road handling & weather, and lastly noise reading.  I attached the HSR2’s.

> Smartway Certified for Steer and Drive as Fuel Saving.

> Lastly, better price.  HSR2 list $536, paid $355. Toyo M170 $360+37ship. I paid $2550 total. 

     I have no investment in Conti.  Spent over a month evaluating my choices and based decision on my research and experience.  I attached their line-up comparison and people mover charts.   



hsr2 eu label.png

hsr2 sa eu label.png

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