Anyone Own A Thor Palazzo 36.3???

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The newer Thor Palazzo's (2017's) generally look a bit better in the quality department than the older units (2013-2015).  The 36.3 is a rather rare unit in comparison to the 36.1, but I believe it's a new floor plan started in 2017 (or so I have been told).

 I'm aware the Palazzo is an entry level coach with a certain "bling factor" and I am fully aware of what that means.  We own a 46' sailboat (for 16 years) and am a trained Aircraft Mechanic and licensed pilot so I know what to expect and how to deal with maintenance.   Our budget is $150k and will be used for long weekends for a quick get-away and skiing in the Sierra's. Thor Palazzo's have several concerning issues (poor overall quality, slides, air conditioners, dash air, customer service) reported by many owners of older units, but reviews of the 36.3, the few I can find, appear to be leaning towards the positive spectrum. The 36.3 has a smaller wall slide than the 36.1, which is fine by me.  If you own a 36.3 2017/2018 can you please provide comment on your ownership related to quality?  We have an opportunity on a 2017 with less than 5k miles and I would love to get some unbiased input before we decide. 

Many thanks for your input!

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