Toad Bracket Installation In Tampa/Orlando Area

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We are in Florida and have to set up our new Focus as our Toad. I would like to buy everything off the internet to save a ton on the cost....however......where do you get it all installed? I use Blue Ox equipment and we tried to have the Blue Ox authorized dealer install our own purchased equipment before with very poor results. Basically they tell you...You buy it from us and we will install it or the install price goes through the roof. Does anyone know of a reputable shop that does this type of work in the Tampa/Orlando area? I don't mind paying for an honest days work but to have to pay someone 40 to 60% mark-up on the equipment and then the install is tough to swallow...........Happy New Year and safe travels !!!!!

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When was the last time you took your own bacon and eggs into a restaurant and asked them to prepare them for you?  Buying your parts somewhere else and then trying to find a shop to install them is pretty much the same thing.  Like the shop you talked about, when you purchase parts elsewhere, you take away some of the money they would have made selling them to you.  I buy my own tow brackets where ever I can find them the cheapest but I install them myself.  Takes me a little longer but I'm satisfied with the job when I'm done.

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