Any Canadian Benefits?

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Are there any benefits for Canadian Members?

This is the question I am asking myself when pondering if I should renew my FMCA membership this year. Frankly, I am not aware of any benefits for Canadian motorcoach owners other than those potentially enjoyed while in the US. And now, with FMCA broadening its scope to accept non-motorized RVs I can see their efforts being directed primarily toward this new revenue source, making it unlikely that Canadian motorcoach owners will see benefit improvements in the foreseeable future.

This is not a post meant to complain as I am sincere in trying to find a valid reason to continue our membership.

  • If I wish to participate in the tire discounts I must travel to the US as that program is not available in Canada.
  • The large international rallies all appear to be primarily in the central or eastern US and in the spring or summer when Canadian snowbirds have to return home to comply with the US limit visitation of 182 days per year.
  • Insurance discounts? Again, available in the US only.

Please, if I am missing any benefits for Canadian members, let me know.

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Interesting!  In all my years as a member of FMCA, I never gave it a thought.  I just presumed that what I got (not much), Canada got, in Canada! Have you contacted and asked FMCA Member Services?

Thank you for the Post.

Carl C.

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Good Morning Haidenger!

Sorry for the delay in responding, I have been meandering my way back to Cincinnati this week after our convention in Perry!

We have quite a few benefits our Canadian members are able to take advantage of!  At the top of the list is our Roadside Rescue offer (only $69 a year and you can lock that rate in for 3 years!) and our FMCAssit program - included with your membership!  You also receive FMC Magazine monthly - available in print and digital form.

Not to mention all the DISCOUNTS at your disposal, such as: special rates on caravans with Fantasy Tours, 2 free nights at our Round Bottom campground (only $20 per night after that!), discounts on Pet Insurance and through many of our FMCA Commercial Members.  We've also negotiated special rates for ALL our members with partners like KOA, UPS, Mail Forwarding, Staples, Passport America, and car rentals through Avis, Hertz, Enterprise, and National.  You can also  take advantage of our Mobile App (Android available now and iPhone coming soon!) and the Advocacy work we do in the RV industry.

One of the big tasks assigned to me has been trying to find MORE benefits our Canadian members can take advantage of and we're working hard every day to find those.  I've found the best way to find more is to reach out and ask, so if you have any suggestions I'm all ears!


Dan Ball,

Director of Membership & Marketing


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Dan, I for one would really like to see the Michelin tire discount available to Canadian members. This would be next on my wish list.


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