New Michelin Tire Valve Stem

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We just purchased a 2018 Open Road.  My tire gauge will not give me a pressure reading on the right rear inside tire.  It works on all the others.  Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Before we left the dealer their tech got a reading on his gauge.  What tire pressures do you use?

Thanks, Gil

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For checking tire pressure on duals, a "dual foot tire gauge" is needed.  Google it and/or go to any auto parts house.


This is ASSUMING that your gauge will not adequately contact the tire valve.

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Sometimes people screw the valve core in too far so it is not opened by the gauge.  If the center pin on your gauge or your inflation chuck is a little deep or worn it may not contact the pin in the tire valve.  I have this problem right now because I had someone change a tire rather than do it myself. (It was rainy & cold and I got lazy)  At least I know the inflation is OK as the TPMS will read the pressure but the first non-snow day when the temp hits 55 I will have to pull the core and install a new one as the core gasket (S in the picture) is probably distorted now from being over tight.


There is a spec for how deep the pin "P" can be from the surface of the valve stem  0.010 above to 0.035 deep.   FYI the actual place the air goes in or out is the Valve  V in the core.

HERE is my post on why valves can leak sometimes.

valve core close.JPG

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