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Dealer is suggesting an Nano Care treatment for our new RV.  Anyone have experience with this?  Says no need to wax for 7 years.  Claims it will prevent paint damage from sun .  Our RV lives outside full time so that sounds attractive.  Full treatment of fabrics inside to prevent stains.  Treatment on headlight to resist fogging.  If it works for washing and no waxing the cost would be cheaper in the long run than paying someone to wax the coach each year.

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I am skeptical of ads that claim you won't have to wax the MH for seven years.  What do they have that Meguires, Nu Finish, etc don't have?  The prevention of fabric stains is a long time money making gimmick for car dealers.  No mention of price.

If I had a new DSDP, I'd be looking for covered storage.  

On edit, here's their link:

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