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1999 Roadtrek On Dodge Chassis

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Hi all!

I'm a new member and have an opportunity to purchase a 1999 RoadTrek 190 on a Dodge chassis. I think the salesman said it was a simplicity. He said it only has 14,000 miles -- obviously wasn't used much but was dirty and needed cleaning. They're detailing and cleaning it. I've not owned any RV, let alone a RoadTrek, but I know this is the RV I want. I know nothing yet about what customizations (if any) come with the van -- I haven't seen it yet.

Does anyone have any opinions on a 13-year-old RoadTrek? It's gas, not diesel. Asking price is quite reasonable. I'm not opposed to a used RV, but have been looking at a newer (or new) 190 or 210 on a Chevy chassis.

Any opinions, comments, etc. would be greatly appreciated. :)

Thanks............. tigerdriver.

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I had a 1998 Roadtrek Popular for 11 years, bought it new, took good care care of it and loved it. I sold it 3 years ago and bought a 23 ft. Class C because I wanted to spend the winters in warmer places. There are some trips that I have made that I wish I still had that Roadtrek. Mine had 79,000 miles on it when I sold it, and was in excellent condition.

If you go to the Roadtrek website and go to the owners group and click on Rodtreks for sale you can get an idea of what other RT's are selling for and what they have in them. Good luck and enjoying trekking.

By the way Roadtrek has a wonderful Roadtrek Club that is a chapter of FMCA

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