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Generator Dies After A Couple Of Minutes!

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Newbie here that is having problems with generator dying after a few minutes.

It is a Generac 65 and dies after a few minutes. The diagnostics code is 4 flashes, which says over-speed.

What could possibly causing this and what recommendations to fix this problem.



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Brent, this information should cover your Generator. Its a service manual for Generac.

There is a 6500 and a 6500 E. Think you may have an E version as you mentioned a flash code. The older units where set at 3720 RPM with no load this sets the AC frequency to 62 cycles, then under load it operates at 60 cycles / 3600 RPM.

To set you will need a meter that can read frequency, many of the newer volt / ohm meters incorporate a frequency setting.


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