Indiana County Excise Tax Credit

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I noticed after receiving my 2013 Indiana Vehicle Registration for my motor home the County Excise Tax Cut is 0.00. We pay Indiana Recreational Vehicle Excise Tax Fees based on the manufacturer's original retail price which makes this tax a rather large number on my 2010 motor home. Cars and trucks in Indiana have a tax cut on the excise tax number but I noticed my motor home registration has no tax cut. Does any one know if this is correct? After contacting the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, I cannot seem to get a confident answer from anyone why I show no tax cut.

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Years back IN took the property tax on RVs (like sticks and bricks), added it to the license plate side and called it excise tax. When the revolt over license plate costs gained strength the political giants used lottery proceeds to cut the amounts. Apparently, the RV voices weren't as loud as the car & truck driver's voices when the change was made and Rvs didn't make the cut.

You can root around on mybmv within the IN.gov website and find the sliding scale. You may want to make sure the model entered into the system is the one you actually have. Two incorrect digits on my model had my rates a great deal higher than they should have been.

I am not a tax expert but I have a great deal of common sense & logic. I just call it the way I see it...

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