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Princess Electric Stovetop

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I have a Princess electric stovetop in an all electric motorhome. Everything in our coach is working except the stove top. We heard a 'bang' which seemed to come from outside so did not think too much of it. Since noticing the problem have re-set all circuit breakers twice and still no power. Have talked to a tech. but they have little knowledge of an electric coach and therefore have few suggestions. Will check power incoming from post and power going into coach and if all is well there have no more ideas.

Has anyone had a similar problem and if so found the source of the problem??

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Could you post the make of your coach along with the year and Model Number.

Some electric stoves work on 120 VAC, others on 240 VAC. We need to know which model you have.

If I understand your post, all of the other outlets, lights and equipment is working properly.

With both main breakers reset and the charger/inverter(s) working properly it sounds like all the 110 volt systems are working.

That leaves the 220 volt circuit that requires power from both main breakers to operate.

I do not know your skill level when working with electrical equipment or if you have a meter to check voltages. Working with a 240 volt circuit can be dangerous if one is not careful.

One needs to know how to measure both 110 volt lines and the ground/neutral circuits to see if there is a blown fuse,loose wire connection that burned open.

Is there a panel behind the stove or access from the outside in one of the cargo pods.

DO Not open any J boxes that might feed the stove circuits with any AC power feeding the coach.

This also means turning off the Inverter(s) that might be used to supply 240 volts to the stove and the 120 volts to any of the 120 volt circuits. Power down any and all sources of AC power.

If there is an electrical issue opening any electrical boxes could really make for a bad day !!!! with power to the coach.....

Edit, You might check your inverter system(S) to see if you tripped one of there circuit breakers. As some of the all electric coach's use inverters that can produce 220 volts AV.


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