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Beaver Fold Down TV

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Every now and then the front fold down TV will not come down, when it is working correctly you hear a loud click when the relay powers the motor. When it does not work you only hear a faint click and no motor movement. Five minutes later it will work fine, it has only not worked a couple of time.

Part time electrical problem are a pain.

Also does any Monoco owners out there know how to get the TV panel to drop down if the motor will not run? Has a manual crank but you cannot get at it with the panel in the up position. I have also asked Monoco this same question, I would bet I will get the answer here before they reply.

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Hi Lee,

Wish I could give you a good answer, however I have never owned a Beaver myself.

Now, from your description I would lean towards a relay that is starting to fail.

Had I owned a Beaver and found the manual crank setup to lower the unit that was hidden in a location that one can not access. I would be looking at an alternative access and if there is a disconnect to release the lift from the drive motor system so one could get to things when (an you know it will) fail.


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