American Fork, UT Recommend Shop/Mechanic?

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American Fork, UT: Recommendation,-UT.html

I am new to this forum but have been "lurking" for the past year. I am now seriously considering this bus as a fulltime rig. It will be for me and my two cats. I love the open layout, quirky design, and ease in keeping it clean. And that all the window are still in - lots of light. However it will need some work for it to be useable in states with cold snaps. Your thoughts/opinions appreciated.I would be hugely grateful for a recommendation of a local shop/mechanic to check this bus out. How much should it cost for mechanical and house systems inspection?

I am from NJ in the Navy Reserve on extended duty in South Carolina.


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It Looks like there group page is currently lock due to spam problems.

So just maybe one of there current members that also belongs to the FMCA group will contact you and offer a solution.

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lets hope you get a reply !


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I am an MCI owner, and I don't know about the link, but do know a little about MCI. Parts are much easier to find than Prevost.

8V92 is a super engine, the stated mileage if correct is reasonable for the engine. I did not see transmission type.

If it is manual, you will get a little better fuel mileage. If it is an HT740 Allison, which is usually paired with 6v or 8v, question if transmission was also upgraded to accommodate 8v92 engine. The 8V71 was the most used engine in an 81 MC9.

This engine was rated at 318 horsepower, 8V92 is rated at 445 horsepower, causing my concern for transmission upgrade. Most shops that can work on older 2 cycle engines, yes, these models are two stroke engines, should be able to verify if tranny is compatible. All of these Detroit engines of this vintage, have a tendency to leak oil, so I wouldn't recommend parking on concrete driveway without a spill receptacle. I am not knocking MCI, I love mine, and wouldn't trade for anything else.

The pictures indicate that the unit is a homebrew, this isn't bad either, but a lot of attention to plumbing and electrical should be paid. If it is good, and you like the floor plan, and all the above requirements are met, also watch out for rust, some is normal, but a lot can be very expensive. Look closely at all detail before you buy, the end result should be rewarding.

The price looks pretty good, and if all is OK, this should be a nice home.

Good luck,


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