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Hard To Find, In Line Fuel Filter: Freightliner With ISB

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This filter is often missed when changing the fuel filters on freightliner chassis, so to clarify its location and the replacement number the following information should be helpful.

ISB-02 In-Line Fuel Filter/Strainer

Cummins ISB-02 engines have an in-line fuel filter/strainer along with the fuel water separator. The Filter/Strainer is a 104 micron filter used to screen large contaminates from the fuel tank to the fuel system lift pump. Located on left side frame rail behind the rear axle, near the transmission and is hard to see because it is small and black in color.

This fuel strainer can become clogged and cause the engine to have poor performance and loss of power. Or worse case, deprive the engine of enough fuel that it shuts down completely.

The part number is RAI 025RAC10 and can be purchased through any Freightliner dealer.

In Line Strainer==== Racor RAI-025RAC1

Fuel strainer may be located in one of two positions:

1) Inside the left frame rail just behind the engine near the transmission.

2) Located inside a cushion clip, mounted off the left side of the engine. It hangs just below the frame rail.

Fuel strainer is black in color, just less than 5in. long.


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Freightliner could fix that problem if they wanted to fix it. On my Spartan chassis, I have a filter bay, last bay curb side. It contains both fuel filters, the external hydraulic filter and the resevoir for the Power Gear leveling system. I can service all those items sitting on a stool next to the bay.

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