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Smart Wheel

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I have a 2002 Monaco Windsor with a smart wheel. Definition smart wheel has buttons in steering wheel for cruise control and windshield wipers etc.

Problem is they do not light up for night driving when the driving lights are turned on. I have taken them apart to see if maybe a light bulb may be burnt but have found there are no bulbs so I would say it is not a lit smart wheel.

Has anybody faced the same problem and have you a solution.

Can you buy the smart wheel modules with lights , can you add lights ????

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From the information I have on file.

It looks like it may be an option, so look for the P-1 Connector at the VIP Master Controller, It would supply power for the back light and the ground connection.

On the same drawing it shows the wiring for back lights or with out. The P-1 connector has 4 wires for back lights and 2 wires with no back lighting.

Pin # 1=MPX Signal

Pin # 2= MPX Ground

Pin # 3= Back light Ground,used for lighted version smart wheel.

Pin # 4= Back light Power, used for lighted version smart wheel.

This is the cable that connects to the VIP Master Controller. Connection J-1

Connectors number P-13 and P-14 will be at the steering wheel base before it travels up the steering column. and will both have 4 wires.

Should you have Connectors P-21 and P-22 there will be only 2 wires and that would mean, no back lights on the smart wheel. The interesting thing(from my perspective) is they picture a slip ring type pickup for the smart buttons on this wiring harness and no slip ring on the back lite setup.

So to answer your second question it looks like one would need to install the optional steering wheel to get lights.

I would call and see if Monaco could supply a wheel with the proper wiring and the interface connections to get lights.

By the wheel I meant, just the steering wheel with the proper wiring harness, not the entire steering column, think it might be a lot less money if that is an option.

There is a fuse inside the VIP controller for the back lite smart wheel that most likely will need to be installed if you decide to add the lighted wheel and if you have a 4 wire connector. Check for a blown fuse !!!


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Thank you Walt! Good information!

Thanks for sharing the link.

Truly points out the strength and the depth of information members bring to the group!!!

Far more then I had on file.


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