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Water Stains on Ceiling

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Welcome to the FMCA Forum.

Look up the uses for 20 mule train Borax. The original formula! Should the stain be just from water and no other item(s) mixed in it might do the job. see if the information gives you a good mixture for the application.

Now, should you decide to try it, apply the solution to a out of sight small area; like in the closet area to see how it reacts to your ceiling material first.


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I had the same problem. I read on another forum to use peroxide. So I went to the dollar store, picked up a small paint roller (foam type) and tray, bottle of peroxide, and a couple 9x12 pieces of plastic. I covered everything- sofa, floor, etc. Then I put the peroxide in the paint tray and just rolled it over the "carpeting" on the ceiling. The stain was totally gone... until the following summer- when the air conditioner made the carpet "stained" again. Oh well-

You must be careful if using anything water based on the "carpeted" ceiling because if the glue becomes unglued- you will have even a bigger mess because the roof carpeting will start to droop.

Good luck!


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