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 We are trying to reset level in our 2006 Allegro class A. 

We followed the instructions to set manually but the board would not respond as indicated in the instructions. 

It says turn unit off, then  press ext 5 x's, ret 5 X's.... the unit will respond by blinking all LEDs slowly. 

We got No lights at all.  (Does it make sense that if you turn the unit off it would still blink?) Then press all 3 X's, then turn the unit back on and retract all..

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If I remember correctly, the front panel has a 4 wire commiunication cable. The fuse is at the power controller in our bay where the inverter is located. The fuse for the communication is in the other cable the goes to the power controller. There are high current fuses or circuit breakers on the power controller, too. We have never had the high current one blow, but did have the control circuit fuse blow one time. I assume you have the parking brake set, transmission in neutral and the ignition on to do your reset. 

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