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  1. From what I have read here, you have had the front end checked a few times and no one can find a problem. Has anyone checked the front tires and rims for runout or broken belts in the tires?
  2. I have a 2020 IPad and have no problems getting on this site. Make sure you don’t have the block all cookies tab checked. You might try a reboot of the iPad as well.
  3. Back in the early 90s, we’re on our way back to US from LaPaz, MX after running the Baja 1000, came over a small hill and found a class A sitting on the side of the road. The entire body was in a pile of broken wood etc along the road and just the chassis and two front seats were left. A couple of passerby were putting one of the occupants in the back of an open Jeep. We were in the middle of nowhere . On the same trip home we were stopped by the Mexican Army and all our cars and persons were searched. Kinda scary knowing you have absolutely no rights and these guys had loaded military automatic rifles.
  4. Not sure what fuses you are talking about but in the bay with the HWH pump there should be an in-line fuse for the solenoid/relay. Check there. It also could be the main relay in the bay. There are two of them, one energizes the system, and if it fails or sticks, nothing will work. do you have the manual for your HWH system, they are available at their website.
  5. We previously had a Phaeton with 380 HP, 1050 torque. It pulled a Jeep no problem, was not a rocket up hills but got it done. Our present bus is 450 HP and 1150 torque. It pulls a 4 dr Jeep rubicon that weighs in at about 4750 lbs. it pulls better than the previous Mh but still no rocket on steep inclines. This MH gets between 6.5 and 8.5 mpg depending on terrain. Both engines were Cummins .
  6. I Think if you look at the tail light wiring, the second set of wires on the DS, run over to the PS.
  7. campcop

    Snow load

    The problem I see is with the slide toppers. The weight of the snow will certainly make them sag and eventually stretch. The only thing I can think of is to support the toppers and brush off the snow when you can. I’ve seen some folks put beach balls under the toppers. we got stuck in the snow last Thanksgiving , it was wet and about 3”. The toppers were sitting right on top of the slides.
  8. If you’re going to wait until March. A nice trip south would be getting onto 13 in Wilmington and follow it south. Lots of small towns, beaches, state campgrounds along the DELMARVA, then cross the bay bridge and again follow 13 to 17 along the coast. You’ll eventually end up in Myrtle Beach where there are several large campgrounds right on the beach as well as Murrells inlet. Great seafood in that area. Florida has nice state parks but reservations are a must along the coast. We’ve camped at Anastasia State Park and Gamble Rogers state park. Both have sites large enough for MHs. but traveling south in March might be to your advantage as snowbirds are headed the other way starting around that time. In Georgia you have the Okefenokee Swamp if you are adventurous. There’s a state park on the west side near Waycross where you can rent canoes etc to explore the swamp.
  9. That wire looks pretty clean. Did you just notice this? I found this. https://onan.xmsi.net/940-0125 Onan 6.3KW NHL (spec P) RV Genset Operator's manual (01-1983).pdf it looks like that wire does not go to remote start.
  10. Make and model of toilet? Sounds like a defective valve. Most makers have repair kits.
  11. Is this wire hot? If you press the remote start is this wire hot or go to ground? What year and make MH? Different manufacturers use different colored wires.
  12. Considering that it’s made by the same company, I would suspect the gearing is the same. Just make sure you are getting the complete system, I see that you can buy the arm and reflector for about $300 but it does not come with the motor etc.
  13. Maybe time to consider a Nautilus retractable shower door for RV s
  14. campcop


    The second white line is actually a white scrape from the front of the MH fiberglass nose.
  15. First off, what kind of roof is it. Fiberglass or elastomeric. On the elastomeric roofs, the white caulking is caused by the white pigment in the product . They do make products that will inhibit this shedding. on fiberglass roofs, folks have used floor wax, paint, 3m 303 spray, auto wax, etc to slow the oxidation of the gel coat.
  16. With only two months, there’s not much in the way of stopping to enjoy the trip out. Just in Oregon alone you could spend the summer. We enjoyed rte84 that runs along the Columbia River and the Oregon Trail. but a must is if you have never done it is the coastal highway down the west coast. Beautiful scenery, great seafood . Travel down into CA and then jump to I-10 to FL.
  17. I would think the yellow hot wire is the one that is supposed to light the led on the switch or it’s been shorted at the antenna.
  18. I believe Herman is correct. On some of the older Hydrohot systems, they did have a radiator cap.
  19. Depending on model and year, the Allison transmission panel can be used to check the fluid level. the filler tube/dipstick is usually located in the engine compartment and should be marked.
  20. The only thing I know is that 5th wheel manufacturers are notorious for putting tires are their products that barely meet the weight requirements.
  21. campcop


    Just do a search for Cummins Service Centers in the area you’ll be in. is it showing any codes?
  22. You could call the parks you want to stop at, they should know what the rules are for their area. Or, check each state's Covid website for their latest rules. Right now NM has a 14 day self quarantine for visitors from out of State.
  23. And we wonder why this pandemic continues☹️
  24. That is not correct unless you are traveling through the state. If you stay at a park, you must self quarantine. https://www.newmexico.gov/2020/07/07/new-mexico-travel-restrictions-in-effect/
  25. Do you think that MH is overloaded🙄. Looks like the tag dumped, probably set to deflate when under 5 mph. Wonder if there is a way to air it up?
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