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  1. Roadside Assistance: Mounting Replacement Tire

    my unmounted spare is a new tire that I purchased a couple of years ago. my question is what I would expect to pay to have it mounted, it I used a RSA to change the tires.
  2. Since my 2012 Thor Daybreak doesn't have a spare tire, I was worried about getting a tire in my size (19.5) in the event I should have a flat in some of the remote locations in the west. Understand that there is probably lots of places that the road side assistance could call/contract to come out and change the tire, but I was concerned about them having a replacement tire in stock. Thus, I carry a new, unmounted tire in one of my storage compartments. Has anyone else done so, and what have you had to pay to have them dismount and mount the tire? Understand that the road side assistance would cover changing the tire (off and on the MH) but actually mounting the new tire on the rim.
  3. Ford V-10 Cruise Control

    Pretty common problem from another forum. My 2012 Thor had the same problem. The problem is not in the cruise but in the software loaded into the computer. I took my coach to numerous Ford dealers and the response was they couldn't do anything for it,"that's why you have a warranty" was the typical response. I agree it isn't right, and if continued driving with this issue will in time cause severe damage to the engine. I finally fixed the problem by installing a 5 Star tune map into the computer. I hated to spend the $, but it was worth it. The MH now drives, shifts and downshifts like it should. Stays in a higher gear much longer, without all that extreme downshifting. Trust me, it is worth the money, if nothing more, than in the peace of mind and not having to constantly shut the cruise off to prevent the extreme high rpms from downshifting to a too low gear.